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Now, the carburetor is acting goofy?

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These deep fish were very lethargic, but still hit meat. Making this a wise purchase by sheer luck. Focus will be on a program that works in difficult situations on inshore Kings in water less than 50' deep.

When it's foggy radar is a godsend. Seen this unit mark sea gulls on the water ' away from my boat. Traditionally, the 3rd week of May in June is when spring Kings become available in good numbers in central Lk. Wrote a 2 part article in more, or less dedicated to this subject.

Being able to extend the service life of our marine electronics is a technologic marvel for all.

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This was a line ripping devil fish off our 25' down rigger over 40' of water. Riggers set at 60 to 75 feet.

Heard Green Bay, WI got close to 2' of snow as this winter-like storm threw the last punch will have to take from Mr. If everyone that visits this website donates 10 bucks we can help meet their goal.

You can see me in the pic adjusting the angle and field of view narrow, linear, wide and super wide for the Hero5 video camcorder.

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Making the motor run extremely rich and funky. Port Sanilac and Lexington still have decent opportunities for spring fishing. Forecast for this week is miserable too. Trolled N in 2' to 3' following seas with a little white on top.

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Minor fail was the angle of the new Raymarine that needs less angle. A subset from that post is listed below for your reference: Never marked any bait and a hardly any fish around the harbor.

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One double, caught both fish. Next window I see that presents an opportunity to fish again is about a week from today when the wind shift to the south and conditions improve.

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Did get some excellent video of both of the Kings Todd B and I caught. Biggest question is will we have spring Kings again this early at our central Lk.