Could you date a celebrity? Could you date a celebrity?

How to handle dating a celebrity, 9 ways to handle dating a commitment-phobe

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Take this test to find out!! It will make the celebrity lean more towards you. Instead, try to genuinely praise the celebrity. It looks as if they're hitting on your date.

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So, are you ready for the most exciting day of your life? You're imbarrised, but what do you do?

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Tell them to back off, they're YOUR date! The trick is to be as normal as you can. Soon, there's a big crowd watching.

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Back off quietly and secretly hope they notice you're there with them 9 You and your date get pretty waisted at a bar.

Say it or not, each of us has dreamt of dating a celebrity at least once in our life time. How To Date A Celebrity By Neha Sharma You wake up one morning only to find a scented letter attached to the daily newspaper at your doorstep saying that you are invited by your favorite celebrity for a candle light dinner.

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Near the end, they ask you to come out for the crowd. Run out there, give a speach, and interact with the crowd Insist you dont - you hate crowds Walk out, hold your dates hand, and smile at the crowd 4 Someone started a rumor about you.

Completed 0 of 10 questions. While dating a celebrity, do not get overwhelmed neither get overboard.

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Instead, go with a clear mind and try to analyze on your own. Least of all you need is to ruin your date with your favorite celebrity due to lack of social decorum and protocol.

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A private place makes your date smooth and will let the two of you know each other better. Extend your hand for a handshake. Is your heart thumping hard enough for people to hear it?

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It's spreading like wildfire throughout the media! Have your eyes widened like never before? Just calm down your shooting excitement levels.

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Nevertheless, in the recent times, the advertisement campaigns have actually lessened the gap between the celebrities and the masses. Though celebrities are much like normal people, it is their profession that makes them popular. But know that the poem or the letter has to be your own and not something picked up from the World Wide Web.