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Beneath the benefits, you'll find an emotion. As you pointed out, maybe he'd call it a night and walk out on the date. Patsy backs this up with that excerpt from the Players blog—good point, they ask just for the hell of it ilke Whiskey said and their appraoch is preetty much the same no matter what you say April 14, at 8: You want a woman to be with you for WHO you are, right?

What you'll discover is that providers offer external benefits, while lovers provide internal benefits. Everyone has a threshold, liking someone is not enough to stay with them.

Then women stay with you for the internal benefits you offer them, which not only means it's for who you are as a person — rather than for being a means to an end, like a provider — it's for the relationship itself.

If there were full disclosure in everything then I would have no issues. And just like these two general motives, men also fall into one of two general categories: So how do I answer this question?? Learn more about how our partners use this data, and select 'Manage options' to set your data sharing choices with our partners.

I went out with him despite that because I wasn't looking for anything serious either.

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A first date should be low pressure, light and fun. Be smart in the dating world. Mistral, that last paragraph you wrote is very true but I already consider that a permanent part of my dating mindset.

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They tend to have a set of dating questions they'll ask every man they begin seeing. Are you seeing anyone else? I think some posters misunderstood my question a bit—I could not care less where any of my dating endeavors are going.

Men KNOW what majority of women are dating for the ring and if they have to ask then I think they are fishing for something other than that.

So if you answer a woman's dating questions directly, you're communicating that you're a provider from the beginning of a possible future relationship — which means a woman will conceal her true intentions from you in order to leverage you and get the benefits through you.

I think everybody gave a different angle but I agree with most points. That is why they try to suss out the candidates that fit what they are looking for. Select 'OK' to continue using our products, otherwise, you will not be able to access our sites and apps.

Because women aren't with them for who they are as a person. What's your relationship like with [another woman's name]?

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April 14, at 4: If I told a man I don't want to have children or get married again and that's something he did want We fell for one another pretty quickly- and all that went out the window.

But Adam4adam online dating simple one that works well with most of these dating questions women ask is