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How do you hook up sirius radio in car, why are there ads in your music?

Page 13 Be sure the cam lever is up as shown in Figure 3 and position the suction cup mount on the windshield or other location you which have chosen. Here is their online catalog information should you decide to do the same: I decided to break off one of the wires in order to extend the other one so it would conveniently reach the LodgeNet black box.

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Time Zone Clock The Clock menu option provides for adjustment of the clock format, the time zone, and day- light savings time function. A locked channel will have the lock icon displayed to the right of the channel number and name.

Louis, MO and St. I didn't want to annoy anyone with my antics at this time so I decided to keep the "palm tree option" as my option of last resort. There is no one in the Midwest that has our combined skill set. Our services and expertise are strictly directed to make you feel great about enjoying your whole automobile experience.

Page 23 The FM antennas found in vehicles are of four distinct types: I flipped the antenna up onto the stone-tile-overhang and a solid signal immediately snapped in.

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Figure 12 At room temperature 68 degreesmaximum adhesion usually occurs within 72 hours. Using an el-cheapo "Sirius Indoor-Outdoor antenna" I was not able to detect any signal from the the balcony of our suite.

Channel Lock Channel Lock Channels may be locked so that they can only be accessed by entering a 4-digit code. A locked channel will not appear in the channel list. Locked channels can only be selected by using the direct entry method, by momentarily press- ing the Select button and entering the channel number at the prompt by using the 0—9 buttons.

Once an acceptable location has been found, you will remove the suction cups and permanently adhere the FM Extender Antenna using the adhesive mounts.

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Page 34 Settings The Settings menu provides for changing the brightness and contrast of the display screen, and the display mode of the display screen. To exit menu options, or any of the other menu option screens, repeatedly press and release thee Menu button until you are returned to Hookup job default display screen.

The boom box can be powered by eight batteries D-cells or domestic power in the range of Volts AC Bring along headphones if you don't want to disturb others. No The satellite antenna is not connected to the radio.

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I brought along a second antenna for the boom box. Slide the lock into the locked position. Installing The Antenna The angle of the vehicle dock may be changed by changing the position of foot D on the vent mount Figure 6 to a different adjustment hole.

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This frequency may not be suitable for your area. We strive not only to exceed your expectations but to make every new customer a lifetime long customer and friend.

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Figure 25 To exit the Signal menu option press the Factory Default The Factory Default menu option will restore most every feature of the radio to the original factory settings. Wires on the window glass of the vehicle, usually near the top of the window.

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Antenna No satellite signal is being received. Then push the vent mount into the vent, far enough so that the hooks C drop down and hook the rear of the vent louver Figure 7.

When shopping with us you can have complete piece of mind that you are buying quality. If you can't see what you are doing then just locate the coaxial cable coming from the wall and disconnect it.

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Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Symptom Radio does not power Blown fuse, or the power cable is not properly connected. Well, there was no in-room radio, and we didn't bring one along, so there were only three options remaining: We understand every aspect of what is actually going on, how to test wires, and how to troubleshoot problems that may arise and our Electrical Engineer will design a custom solution to fix the problem at hand.

Here are some amusing things that happened to me and hopefully will help you. A fixed or retractable aerial antenna located on the front or rear fender of the vehicle. A test mounting should be done first using the included suction cup mounts to test the installation.

Figure 19 You can continue to select channels for locking or unlocking until you are finished. For other locations, check the animated map above.