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How do you hook up a bathtub drain, tools for fixing a bathtub drain stopper

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He also made sure to clean the work area after he finished. And, if you are of an average or above average height, there is a good chance that only the lower half of your body will be fully submerged.

Undo adorfman Thanks for the suggesting about the rubber membrane with a center drain. Hopefully your strip is about 3 feet.

They arrived right on time and the price was less than what I was quoted.

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Now they're both shiny and new! When the City came out to do the inspection they said that they had never seen better workmanship. Even worse, those liquid plumbers will always leave some of the gunk behind, and it accumulates, over time, inside your drain pipes.

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I could have easily wasted a full morning or afternoon waiting for a plumber, so I not only saved money but time. March 20, at 9: They were quick, reliable, and honest. Like Save March 29, at 7: But with all that, hard to get in and out of and never really capable of avoiding a small amount of spray.

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You have to make sure that you attempt to step toward the middle of the tub so you don't step on the inside radius of the tub, this has a tendency to throw you off balance. Once the clog is dissolved, after about minutes, flush the drain with water, and it should drain quickly.

The entire team was very professional and completed high quality work. The thicker the better.

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They also did a great job of cleaning up. REPLY Guest 8 Came home from a particularly stressful and active day only to see my idiot roommate plunging feverishly at the kitchen sink.

Why Does It Clog?

They explained what they were going to do and answered my questions. When someone does a good job, I want to let them know. The leak under our sink was fixed and we would use A-Fordable plumbing again for any of our needs. We have lost a few shower curtains due to the unstable feeling you have trying to get out.

Works as well or better than the one you buy at the hardware store. Other options allow hair to sneak past, or they collect it on top, so it can easily float or wash away into the water, after it is gathered, but this one secures every piece, and it collects it down below, out of sight.

From the time their office takes my call I know I'm in good hands. If the cylindrical brass plunger isn't attached to the end of the linkage, How do you hook up a bathtub drain a flexible retriever to reach down into the overflow hole and grab the plunger. March 19, at 9: Easier for a caregiver?

OK, when I needed to replace my water heater, I called a plumber and learned from him how to check the expansion tank and drain sedimentbut I've tackled several other plumbing problems in the last three years successfully, using You-Tube 'tutorials' to guide me.

The clog was gone, there were no leaks, and the whole thing, including watching the videos, took about an hour and a half. I was thinking of putting a shower pan with drain and tiling under the tub, then having a curtain on only the outside.

I fill my sinks with hot water periodically, then open the drain to let it clear the drain.