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One, a small glass capsule, which had been slightly damaged, and the other a metal tube, were found under the bronze statue of the city founder, John Robert Godley, which was made in England and displayed in London before being sent to Christchurch.

The development [offers] 2, apartments in all at a monthly rate of less than six dollars a room.

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Les Yay aside, this could mean that there is more in store. Ultimately, though, a talented cast and crew—including breakout stars Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy—produced a hit thriller that remains both beloved and influential more than a quarter century after its release.

I just make a little hole. Just when that was remains a mystery.

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A large crowd gathered and bowed their heads in unison with the rest of the country Family and friends remember a victim of the earthquake, close to the point where he died Singing: Thank you, Granddad Dog. Irishman Godley, known as the 'Founder of Canterbury' - the district in which Christchurch is located on the South Island - travelled in Ireland and North America, developing ideas about how colonies should be established and governed.

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Giant Robo has possibly one of the most sadistic, but not because of any fault of the writers'. Boxy, roomy Checker cabs were produced for cab companies in many cities countrywide beginning in the s, and the same basic design was used from until production ceased in Dio is defeated, Jonathan and Erina are married, they're boarding a ship to America for their honeymoon, everything points in the direction that the story is now ending.

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First, there's the fact that Silversmith is still free, and has samples of Supermare's DNA to experiment on. Smith-9th platform before renovation.

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Note the sculpted mama bears and cubs on either side. To make more apple trees.

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At least in the anime Strangelove a bit too much. Mayor Bob Parker said the capsules would be placed in the care of the local museum, which has survived the quake, so their contents could be carefully removed and preserved.

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A second funeral, for year-old local Jaime Gilbert, was held Tuesday.