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Jordan was well received by the audience of the show during the season, with her and Jeff being described as two of the most popular houseguests in years. That stuff is a VERY REAL and b not diagnosable by us or solvable by you and c not a reason for you to live with bugs and cat poop residue on the floor.

Two dates where I was probably settling, compromising Housemate speed dating giving in, just to go on dates. As a reward for completing the task, the housemates were given a party in the garden.

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After surviving eviction, Shelly pledged her loyalty to Jeff and Jordan, agreeing to go to the final three with them. Or whats more likely is you sent me every girl in San Diego in 7 girl increments.

Their 'exit' was indicated when their faces changed to red on the lightbox.

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Aden won, turning down Big Brother's offer to swap his winning dish for a luxury pasta dish and a phone call from Rebeckah instead of a meal for the housemates.

The other housemates had to guess the songs and the more songs they guessed, the better the party would gain as a prize, the worst being a peanut party.

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All of the above? This is my second stint on eharmony. Jordan was nominated in the following two weeks, but was spared on both occasions as she was considered less of a threat than her fellow nominees Laura and Casey - both members of her initial alliance.

The housemates to face the public vote to save from eviction are Faye and Louise.


However, they were instructed to keep the outfits as clean as possible and faced a reduced shopping budget as a forfeit to Housemate speed dating the outfits.

Not at all, they were perfectly normal, fine people, just not the match for me. What the fuck are they doing with all the money I give them each month!?

Day 58 also saw Big Brother set task called 'Pass the Dare'. How is it already affecting your friendship to live with someone so incompatible? We got fruit flies everywhere one day. Anton dressed as a cheeseburger and Jay as a hotdog as winners of the task.

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Aaron pegged 47 pegs on his ears and face, rewards: I am so sorry this is an ongoing problem in your home. Anton left the Big Brother house having been evicted with the least votes to save. Each housemate received a 'love letter bomb' from their loved ones at home.

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