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Hussie later made the animation available as a download on the now defunct site MegaUpload [21]which also went down frequently due to the sheer amount of viewers.

Within the Homestuck fanbase, Hussie is known for his trollingoften doing things in the webcomic that causes confusion or frustration with the readers.


Due to the large number of main characters in Homestuck, the fact that the trolls have no understanding of gender-specific sexuality, and the fact that close friendships and hating each other are canonical forms of relationships, fan pairings became frequent and popular.

The bottom line is, this is all going to add up to a whole lot of "me not updating Homestuck" for a while. During the course of their adventures they befriend several members of an alien race called trolls.

Despite originating one month before the start of Homestuck, Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff has since been worked into the comic as the creation of Dave Strider, as an intentionally "ironically" bad comic.

The number is also frequently mentioned, and references the date June 12th, the day Act 5 Act 1 titled "Hivebent" was published.

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Related Memes Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff A side project of Andrew Hussie, Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff is an intentionally terrible webcomic about the two titular characters and the surreal and nonsensical adventures they have.

It is revealed that the fate of humanity revolves around their performance in the game Sburb.

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With this however, comes controversy, as arguments about shippings are some of the most frequent and controversial Hook up gif tumblr the fandom. Several fans even have cosplayed as Hussie, in which the most common features are big lips, the outfits he wore during the self-insertions and wielding a broom.

On July 6th, The Escapist Magazine reported on the fan-drive phenomenon, in which Homestuck's fandom is compared to the online popularity of Touhou Project on the Japanese web.

The comic and it's catchphrasessuch as "I Told You About Stairs"get referenced within Homestuck from time to time. Let Me Tell You About Homestuck "Let me tell you about Homestuck" is a catchphrase often used in image macros where Homestuck cosplayers appear next to an unrelated stranger that is making an expression of surprise or contempt.

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The short and funny answer is, Homestuck has finally completed its long journey over the rainbow, and become the anime it was always meant to be. He went back on this statement, doing multiple small updates after that point in time.

Full of spelling mistakes, copy and paste graphics complete with intentional JPEG artifacts left over, and bizarre settings and punchlines, the comic qualifies as an example of intentional so bad it's good.

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The significance of this is due to Rufio being a running gag and minor character throughout the comic, most famously on a series of pages in which Hussie and a dying Rufio kiss. Hussie has become a common subject in Homestuck fanart as well, which often make use of his actions and reputation within the fanbase.

The Wikipedia entry was removed shortly after the submission, however, screenshots of the article shown below continued to spread across Tumblr. During its run from April to AprilHomestuck became immensely popular and garnered a significant fan following on the Internetas well as critical acclaims for its interactive and collaborative approach to transmedia storytelling.

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Newgrounds Crash After being on a hiatus since September 6th, Homestuck was updated with a finale to its fifth act consisting of nine pages and a Flash animation on October 25th,