Step-by-Step: Kegerator Assembly & Installation Guide Step-by-Step: Kegerator Assembly & Installation Guide

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Hook up the hoses to your empty Cornelius keg and give it a test run by releasing the valves and gently turning the pressure up to 10 psi. Position the CO2 regulator 6 in the holder so that you will be able to read the numbers on the gauge and have easy access to the shut-off valve.

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You can also let the built up pressure out your tap. Tap — Ahhh…the end of the line for the keg system.

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Diagram for Regulating Keg Compression: CO2FAQshowtokegeratorkegerator helptips About Author Plagued by a chronic case of curiosity, Jeff Flowers is just a dude that annoys everyone around him with his loquacious goofiness. It supplies the pressure to dispense your beer.

Natural Carbonation You can naturally carbonate the beer using corn sugar if you like. Re-check low pressure gauge "D" and use regulator adjustment "B" to readjust if necessary until the desired pressure is displayed.

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However, if you will be dispensing multiple kegs with different pressure requirements, secondary gas regulators will be needed to adjust the pressure for each keg. I also recommend giving the keg at least one shot at a higher pressure — perhaps 20 lbs — to properly seat the seals and rings in the keg.

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Other conditions, such as altitude or special beer type, may require some adjustment. Install Handle Faucet Screw the black faucet handle 1 on to the faucet 2then screw the faucet onto the faucet adapter on the front of the tower 3.

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You simply connect the gas input to your CO2 tank, and then add gas lines for each gas out. Have an extra refrigerator laying around that you could mount a tap on? Slowly turn the regulator adjustment screw until the desired pressure is shown on the output pressure gauge.

Plug it In This is a tough one! Tanks are sold in 5 lb, 10lb and 20lb sizes and can be refilled at many locations.

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There are two types — pin and ball connectors corresponding to pin type and ball type Cornelius kegs. Each keg you connect using the distributor will be at the same pressure to which your CO2 tank regulator is set. The regulator controls the pressure at which you supply gas.

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Did you enjoy this article? Tighten down the guardrail with the provided screws, but be careful not to over tighten or you will strip the screws and the guardrail with be loose and unstable.

Diagram for Regulating Keg Compression:

Secure Tower Once you have fed all the line into the cabinet, you are ready to place the tower into the unit. Tightening the Faucet Grab the kegerator faucet and faucet wrench usually provided and insert the wrench into the holes Ethiopian dating online the faucet collar.

Attach the tap handle on the threaded screw to complete the faucet assembly.

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This is why it is worth considering a double gauge regulator. This will permit gas to flow through the regulator and help obtain a more accurate reading on the output pressure gauge.

Filling the Keg This is the step that makes kegging simplicity itself — just siphon your beer from your fermenter into the keg. From beer to home living, Jeff is just trying to hack his way through life and write a few notes about it along the way.