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But if you are, the body system will eventually try to fight the infection through making "antibodies".

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Essentially the virus can be found anywhere on the planet but is not transmittable in anyway besides blood and sex. As well as coping with their own virus, they are also trying to take care of family responsibilities. Experimental long-term in vivo HIV gene therapy have had huge issues due to both transduction ending in multiple copies of heterologous DNA in target cells as well as low efficacy of cell transduction at the time of transplantation.

The most common HIV test is a blood test and the results are usually available in a fortnight. This protein is common to all HIV variants as it is the attachment point for B lymphocytes and subsequent compromising of the immune system. And this violence or the fear of violence prevents people from HIV testing or returning for their results.

A positive test result does not mean that you have AIDS. So, as they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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AIDS has given moral "do-gooders" a ripe opportunity to condemn others for behaviors which do not coincide with their perceived values.

Every year over There also are newer "Rapid" HIV test mouth fluid or urine. Only a vaccine is thought to be able to halt the pandemic. HIV must have entered humans via monkey blood. Brown underwent the procedure after he developed leukaemia and the donor of the bone marrow possessed a rare genetic mutation that caused Brown's cells to become resistant to HIV.

HIV causes slow but constant damage to the immune system. In the late the HIV test of the donated blood has become possible. It is an antiretroviral treatment lasting approximately a month and having unpleasant side effects like diarrhea, nausea, etc.

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This field also includes the development of antiretroviral drugs. Many people mistake some symptoms for the flu. In time, however the infected person develops rare illnesses or cancers because their immune system is weakened. Testing It usually takes up to two months sometimes more for the immune system to produce antibodies to HIV, so there is no use testing straight after being exposed to the treat of getting HIV.

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Do not forget nobody is safe. Enjoy free essays, examples of research papers, sample term papers, free dissertation samples and paper writing tips for all students. Long-term nonprogressor[ edit ] A long-term nonprogressor is a person who is infected with HIV, but whose body, for whatever reason, naturally controls the virus so that the infection does not progress to the AIDS stage.

Pain is associated with the physical distress of the patient, suffering is culturally distinctive, it describes the affliction of the human spirit and how Hiv aids research papers members cope with it.

They may also have financial and treatment concerns, as well as a concern whether to have children. According to the researchers, this approach could lead to a dramatic reduction of the viral load in patient cells.

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Still, there are cases of getting HIV-infection through the blood transfusions, especially in the third world countries, where the levels of such infections are still extremely high. It effects the lungs, central nervous system and gastrointestinal system.

Inthe researchers reported that this vaccine showed some efficacy in protecting recipients from HIV infection. AIDS term papers Disclaimer: Hiv aids research papers a highly significant exposure, a post-exposure prophylaxis PEP is being conducted.

The patient in this study even remained HIV free without any evidence of having it for more than 3. A limited period of therapy combining anti-retrovirals with drugs targeting the latent reservoir may one day allow for total eradication of HIV infection.

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Brown attained the title of the "Berlin Patient" in the HIV research field and is the first man to have been cured of the virus.

Example papers and sample papers on the most popular topics. In many countries compulsory HIV testing without prior consent or protection of confidentiality and even violence against HIV infected individuals takes place.

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You may get infected with HIV through an unprotected sexual contact, direct blood contact, including injection drug needles, blood transfusions, mother to baby before or during pregnancy, birth, or through breast feeding — the breast milk contains HIV of an infected mother.

Transmission HIV can be transmitted from an infected person to another through: In order to become infected, a person must get a sufficient amount of HIV into their bloodstream.