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Tate can quickly become enraged when someone or something he cares about is threatened.

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Tate hides her corpse in the crawlspace of the house so that Violet won't realize that she overdosed that day. During Tate and Ben's second meeting, Ben realizes that Tate has not been taking his medication. Tate is dragging Violet's seemingly lifeless body across her house, screaming, "Don't you die on me, Violet!

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He tells her that if she is trying to kill herself, she should cut vertically instead of horizontally, because "they can't stitch that up. To those unfamiliar with his past, Tate feigns ignorance of his current state of existence. Violet decides to do some online research on Tate and discovers that he was the one who murdered the high school students who visited them on Halloween.

In season one and season fiveEvan Peters' character is a ghost. They realize that they have similar dysfunctional families and have the same taste in music.

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Tate has a rather strange and abrupt first meeting with Dr. There, I said it, not just on some chalkboard. And if you're trying to kill yourself, you might also try locking the door.

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I don't feel sad. There's something about all that blood, man.

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Tate emerges from the house and the students chase him back to the beach where they first confronted him. He sits with Ben at their first meeting and describes symptoms of some severe psychological issues, telling Ben about fantasies he has where he 'prepares for the noble war.

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She tells Tate that she never wants to see him again, and he screams after her, "I thought you weren't afraid of anything! Tate and Violet are back inside the house when they hear a knock on the door. However, Tate believed that his father ran off and abandoned their family when Tate was six years old.

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Nora is insistent and she informs Tate that she will still take the child for herself. Violet yells at Leah to get out, and then starts to scream at Tate, because she was very scared and confused.

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Violet starts to scream with fear and the monster scratches Leah's face. The Indians believed that blood holds all the bad spirits, and once a month in ceremonies they would cut themselves to let the spirits go free.