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That's what the second-born child of Neville and Hannah Longbottom asks all the time, as he's the only one that knows the truth: An epilogue "Nineteen Years Later" set on 1 September [21] describes the lives of the surviving characters and the effects of Voldemort's death on the Wizarding World.

In particular, fan essays were published on websites such as Mugglenet the "world famous editorials"the Harry Potter Lexicon and The Leaky Cauldron Scribbulus project among others: In many respects, they are also examples of the bildungsromanor coming of age novel, [37] and contain elements of mysteryadventure, horrorthrillerand romance.

Start a club Not everyone gets invited to the Slug Club, so form your own! Harry discovers that prejudice exists in the Wizarding World through delving into the school's history, and learns that Voldemort's reign of terror was often directed at wizards and witches who were descended from Muggles.

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Roleplay in the castle Gather your friends and explore Hogwarts as your favorite character, or one of Harry potter fan online dating own creation. The first was Godric's Hollow; [24] for some time however, the site's domain name was occupied by advertisers and its content was lost [25] and there is no further record on Rowling's site that Godric's Hollow ever received the award, [22] although in the website came back online again albeit with a lot of content missing.

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Dozens of weddings took place and new pairings sprang up almost daily. Email of the Week".

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Harry discovers his handy Invisibility Cloak to be one of those items, and Voldemort to be searching for another: At the Harry Potter fan conventions Infinitus[74] LeakyCon[75] [76] and Ascendio[77] special events were held at the theme park dedicated to the series.

Harry, Key, and the discovery of the sorcerer's stone by Kanisha the writer reviews This wonderful whimsical tale about Harry, and the crew with his nice cousin and their fist adventure Rated: The third novel, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkabanfollows Harry in his third year of magical education.

They are mainly dramas, and maintain a fairly serious and dark tone throughout, though they do contain some notable instances of tragicomedy and black humour.

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Will you marry me, Hermione? You need to say a bit more about why you're asking her out, though. Choose your magical companion in Diagon Alley. There are two primary forms: These covers were created by first Cliff Wright and then Jason Cockroft.

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The Yahoo discussion list Harry Potter for Grown Ups founded in is also noteworthy for its detailed criticism and discussion of the Harry Potter books. Hundreds of forums Hang out with fellow Harry potter fan online dating Potter fans, meet new people, make lasting friendships.

While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. Rowling recognized the insightful editorials as well as praised the site for its young and dedicated staff.

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There's a forum for everyone, here. He was staring at the one of the profiles when Hermione sat back down and handed him a glass of merlot.

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