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The alarm is rung, and Othello, Handkerchief othello essay had left earlier with plans to consummate his marriage, soon arrives to still the commotion. Now, by yond marble In the due reverence of a sacred vow I here enrage my words.

Desdemona appears with Lodovico, her kinsman, who brings word from Handkerchief othello essay Duke that Othello must return to Venice and that Cassio will be placed in charge of the soldiers in Cyprus.

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But she promises to discuss Cassio with Othello when she is again on good terms with him. Once Othello recovers, Iago tells him of the meeting he has planned with Cassio. But reason gives way to temptation and soon Cassio is drunk.

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It does not take long before Othello is convinced of Desdemona's betrayal. The "Ensign", however, continues to escape detection in Desdemona's death, but engages in other crimes while in Venice. Othello tells Cassio that Iago is "most honest. Bal, a Hawaiian actor of mixed ethnicity, playing Iago.

Brabantio decides to take the matter to the Duke, since he is already awaiting Othello. It excites our sensibility by exhibiting the passions wound up to the utmost pitch by the power of imagination or the temptation of circumstances; and corrects their fatal excesses in ourselves by pointing to the greater extent of sufferings and of crimes to which they have led others.

He declares that he will not scar her beautiful face, but rather he will kill her "bloodlessly".

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Desdemona asks him where Cassio might be, and he says that he will search for him. Cassio asks Emilia if she will grant him access to visit Desdemona.

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He asks her what she is and she replies that she is his loyal wife. The Folio also lacks a scattering of about a dozen lines or part-lines that are to be found in the Quarto.

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He soliloquizes that he intends to "make the Moor thank and love" him, while at the same time planting thoughts of jealousy in Othello's mind -- thoughts so strong "That judgement cannot cure. The introduction of his character creates an ideal image of the Moor.

He refuses to admit his guilt and is condemned to exile. Montano tries to calm an angry and drunk Cassio down, but end up fighting one another.

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Bianca runs away and confused Cassio follows her. Iago says he hates Othello, who recently passed him over for the position of lieutenant in favor of the inexperienced soldier Michael Cassio.

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She tells him that she has been with them every time they have spoken, and that she has heard nothing that would be considered suspicious in the least. Cassio appears and Roderigo attacks him, but Cassio's thick coat shields him from the point of the rapier.

When he finds out that Othello is on his way to speak with the duke, -Brabanzio decides to go along and accuse Othello before the assembled senate.

It excites our sympathy in an extraordinary degree.

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