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You can wear whatever you want and just bring a notebook for clues and a detective kit. Do you have any to add to this list?

Wear a long black skirt and white blouse. All you need is all yellow and a stuffed monkey! Just don't forget the umbrella! To help you get into the literary spirit, I rounded up some of my favorite literary DIY costumes for you to try this year: Humpty Dumpty is a classic book character, and everyone will love it.

All you need is a black pencil skirt, pink sweater or Cuban matchmaking and some knee socks. Just get a big paper bag and wear a crown!

Carry around green eggs and ham! Source Mary Poppins Mary Poppins so easy to do!

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Sam I Am Here's another easy one! To make the blueberry shape, you can either stuff pillows into your shirt or if you're feeling extravagant, sew yourself into a stuffed fabric ball. You can go without it though. I've seen a lot of Fifty Shades costumes, but this one is so funny and will definitely be a crowd-pleaser.

Obviously, having a Clifford stuffed animal is ideal, but it could work without one! Wear a yellow dress and red hat. If you have a hat, even better!

Source Twilight You can do this for any book, but this Twilight costume is amazing with the hand cutouts.

You can go wild and dress up like Effie or just wear all black and braid your hair to be Katniss. Wear a onesie and stick a crown on your head!

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Source Julia from If you're looking for a book character that will make an impact, go for Julia from You can probably find a galaxy-printed dress at a thrift store, but if not, just get a navy blue dress and attach some paper cutouts of planets on it. Sure, a lot of movies are book adaptations.

However, I do think Halloween is your one chance every year to really think outside the box and do something new.

Source Humpty Dumpty This is definitely a more intricate and involved costume, but it's great. Paint your face blue and wear all blue clothing. Tell us in the comments!