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Alex will reveal to you The Bottom Line Overall this is a pretty basic product that points out what to look for that might indicate a woman is interested in you. If a woman is making eye contact with you, smiling, standing near you etc. If they exist anywhere in the product, they're certainly not as powerful as they are claimed to be.

How to look relaxed and in charge in any room you walk into whether it's a bar, a house party, or a cafe. Making a move on a woman can often be one of the biggest causes of anxiety for a guy, and they'll often need a number of signs from a woman before they go for it.

You order will be confidential and discreet. So it's pretty much pointing out to you that women meet a lot of different guys and they have plenty of options, and are generally looking for an exclusive relationship. There are ten golden rules that are mentioned and these are all about why women act the way they do.

How to naturally project confidence to women by changing your non-verbals. And I owe them. He works with mega celebrities like pop stars Usher Gaia dating site Beyonce. There are a lot of guys though who do have trouble spotting signs that a woman is interested, particularly if they are subtle.

Your information is kept completely confidential and will never be shared with anyone under any circumstances.

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Women are most often attracted to guys who act because it's what they want to do, and not because they have already been given approval.

The actual signals to look out for are again pretty basic, but sometimes guys will have trouble spotting them so it's good to be consciously aware of what to look for. There are also references to other things you'll learn in the product, Gotham dating club I didn't see many of these things either.

Whether there was anything too controversial for TV or if this angle has just been used as a marketing tactic is debatable.

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For me, it was the difference between a kid with a stick and a worm, standing at the end of a dock, landing a few catfish … … and the archetype Fisher King, keeping watch over the holy grail of pussy — imparting wisdom and knowledge to all who seek out the truth.

There were desperate people on the verge of enlightenment, and only THEY could make the difference!

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One thing that's suggested is when asking a woman out, to phrase it as 'I'd love to take you out sometime, but only if you want to'.

How to be the Gotham dating club leader that she craves to follow. The problem with this method is that it is quite limiting.

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But by implementing various dating skills and ideas, you can approach a woman and turn her neutral opinion into a positive one. For most guys, this is going to mean missing out on meeting a lot of women who might otherwise be attracted to them.

Your own private course to get girls turned on and into bed using only simple text messages. They basically feel neutral about you and if this is the case they won't be sending you any indicators of interest.

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The simple yet incredibly effective formula he discovered to create a deep sexual connection with a woman. Bonuses There's a bonus included that's about how to attract hot, young girls.

Quickly and easily get a woman out on a date using 3 very simple text messages. I can only offer this deal for four days. So if you're considering buying this product based on the promises that you'll be able to have sex with hot, young women anytime you like, no matter what you look like or even if you have no personality, then realize this isn't what you're going to get.

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and make a move to really know for sure where you stand.

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The product is more realistic in setting expectations of how most interactions will develop. Bad news, friend — I can share it.

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But if you're looking for a system that focuses on how to meet, attract and hook up with women, you'll probably find this disappointing.