Cameron Monaghan’s ‘Gotham’ Performance in Season 3 as Joker Jerome | TVLine Cameron Monaghan’s ‘Gotham’ Performance in Season 3 as Joker Jerome | TVLine

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Many critics saw it as a pastiche Gotham actors dating Ghostbusters or Men in Black but saw it as lacking the same humor that made those films work.

However, this does not mean that the news of the affair was any less shocking to hear.

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One key difference is the focus of his deranged desires. Until it happens, we're treated to Bruce Wayne's displaced adventures in time, where he suits up in period-specific Bat-costumes and fights pirates and cavemen and stuff, due to continually being shunted around the timestream.

He also had a small role in the Miley Cyrus vehicle So Undercover. In the process, Joker kills Jason Todd and his mother and ultimately finds immunity waiting for him in Iran, who offer to make him their ambassador in exchange for him poisoning the entire UN with Joker gas.

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Appearing during the flashback origin segment of the film, a young Matt Murdock prevented a distracted Stan Lee from wandering blindly into traffic. Vicki Vale does not appear at all in Batman: During the events, she tries to keep the people comforted with lighthearted versions of the news happening during Batman missions, even criticizing the idea of having the criminals sealed in a section of the city.

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This resulted in actors not knowing who they were auditioning for. Written by Peter J. Suffers from continuity issues, with several stories being considered non-canon.

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Vale was shocked to see Batman was real and begged to be left alone if approached. In revenge, Lex orders Bruce Wayne's girlfriend murdered and Bruce framed for the deed. Batman and the Outsiders.

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In other media[ edit ] Television[ edit ] In the NBC action-comedy series Chuck pilot episode, " Chuck Versus the Intersect ", the main character's best friend Morgan Grimes is reminded of Kim Basinger 's portrayal of Vicki Vale in the film when he meets the main female protagonist Sarah Walker.

Nonetheless, his character is well known for stirring up waves of fear and violence.

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Dick takes over the mantle of the Bat, and Damian becomes the new Robin while Tim heals from his injuries. In one scene, he actually forgets to limp and walks normally.

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The Joker promptly targets her aircraft with a surface-to-air missile launched from his hideout, causing it to crash. However, no body is found, leading Batman to wonder whether she is still alive.

Bruce also receives further allegations of corruption, due to his association with Vicki and other "supervillains".

Tropes among all versions:

After her parents are murdered on Thomas Wayne 's orders, she was adopted by the Vales, who constantly abused and tortured her. Son of Batman - The solo adventures of Damian Wayne, who seeks to redeem himself Social network matchmaking his past with the League of Assassins.

A display of Lady Arkham's mask and concussion staff is seen in the Batcave in the second season, Batman:

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