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The Internet service includes a one-year contract, while Internet plus TV requires a two-year deal.

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This depends on which Google Fiber package you choose. When you use Google products like Gmail or Search while connected to Google Fiber Internet, your information will be treated as usual. At the right side of the pane, next to Wi-Fi password, select Show.

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Then, a technician must come over and install the service. Add a wired device To wire a device directly to your network, simply connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the device and the other end to any LAN port on the Network Box.

Clear your personal items out of the areas where you think the Installation Specialist might be working as much as it makes sense.

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Our Installation Specialist will call you to confirm your appointment before arriving. In addition, if you subscribe to Google Fiber TV, you can enable each TV Box as a wireless access pointproviding a distributed wireless network and, potentially, additional LAN ports.

As explained in the Google Fiber Privacy Notice, we will get your consent before using information that is associated with Black dating sites review Google Account in other Google properties.

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If you have any devices that are currently connected directly to your router using an Ethernet cable and are not Wi-Fi-capable, consider the ideal location of these devices. If you create a new Google Account to use Fiber, it will remain separate from your other Google Accounts—Google does not link your Google Accounts in any way, and Google will not combine or share information between your Google Accounts, unless you chose to.

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You can see and manage personal information that you have provided to Google by logging into your Google Account and going to the Google Account Settings page. Google will not share personal information with companies, organizations and individuals outside of Google, except in the situations described in the Google Privacy Policy.

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Fiber services are intended for personal use at only the address provided on your Fiber account. Think about where you might like the equipment installed, but stay open to suggestions from the Installation Specialist. What information does Google collect from Google Fiber users?

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Your Account page will allow you to update your account preferences, review your current and recent invoices, revise your billing and payment information, change or cancel your service and manage your network settings.

How will I be billed for Fiber Phone calls?

This helps Google provide you with the best possible experience over time. Please see the manufacturer's instructions supplied with the wireless device you want to connect. In addition to the information collected from users, Google will also collect technical information, such as Fiber device uptime, data transfer speeds, packet loss and other diagnostic information for Fiber TV and Internet.

There is certain technical information—to help manage or maintain your Fiber connection and keep it secure—that may be associated with your Google Account.

Our goal is simple—to enable you to decide what information we use to make your Google experience even better and more useful for you.

Google is focusing its first rollout in Kansas City and only in neighborhoods where there is enough interest in Google Fiber to warrant the cost. Sign in to Fiber using the email and password you use for your Fiber account. Our Installation Specialist will do all of the work.

What does Google do to protect my information and keep it safe? The search giant has been testing out Google Fiber in a "few" homes over the past few weeks "to make sure we can deliver a great experience.

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Google said it has already Google fiber hook up fiber to the homes in the Hanover Heights area of Kansas City. This includes things like how often and how long the service is used or the amount of bandwidth used.