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They are ruthless religious extremists whose victory in Syria would make the Assad regime, with all its authoritarianism and anti-democracy, look like a pleasant memory in comparison.

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But if the reports I heard from the region were to be believed, within its borders the rules of the neighboring ISIS caliphate had been inverted. A military strike designed not to defeat an enemy, or take territory, or achieve any kind of tangible political goal, but rather to make a showy statement about our presumed moral decency.

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If Rojava succeeds, it will be the second partial homeland for the Kurds the first is the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq, though the two administrations are unaffiliated. This joint intervention will do nothing to help the people of Syria and in fact could make their terrible lot worse.

Inside, she had stashed a blanket that she sometimes used for naps. The war is already worse.

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Syrians will pay a bloody price for this narcissism. But to sympathetic Western visitors, Rojava was something else entirely: These groups have enforced terrible rule in places like Raqqa, Ghouta and East Aleppo and have committed barbarous crimes against civilians, including, it is widely suspected, with their own use of chemical weapons.

They asked if Obama really was a Muslim.

Other Al Madinah Cities:

They think this war is about them; they think the dead children are about them; they think everything is about them. Their sole aim will be to send a message about us.

While Mirza and his family were trapped on a mountain for four days, waiting to die, a battalion of women — Y. We hear of syrian rebel forces but as a writer pointed out there are many of them religious nutters.

If you must feel shame, feel shame that you have done that.

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Nobody seriously believes a few bombs dropped in such a destroyed nation as Syria will save lives. Being a martyr is the best thing possible.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

Derik led us to a mangled storefront, its plate-glass windows smashed and serrated. In accordance with a philosophy laid out by a leftist revolutionary named Abdullah Ocalan, Rojavan women had been championed as leaders, defense of the environment enshrined in law and radical direct democracy enacted in the streets.

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The escalation has already happened. But Ocalan saw in it a path toward a new type of revolution. Out of candidates, there were women, 39 Assyrians and 28 Arabs, from a multitude of political parties. Fear is for your Western women in their kitchens.

Make it easier for them to look in the mirror. WtclaEvTVcs And it is hard not to agree that the cheerleading from some quarters is all about them A crowd of students had circled around, curious about who I was, what music I liked, how I had ended up here.

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The stakes are already raised. People will die as a result of the infantilism of the foreign offices of the West.

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One evening, during a discussion about the relationship between war and a free press, they asked me about Murray Bookchin. Who exactly are the opposition to Free dating sites in syria But the cult as such is based on the writings of a new york maoist called murray bookchin