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The Aerial Erector School. In as part of a major training reorganisation being carried out throughout the RAF it was decided to institute a proper training course for Aerial Erectors. The Airmen's Flt dating Quarters can be seen in the background.

In the photograph to the right, one of the CAA technicians is descending down the tower leg supervised by Cpl Jed Foster with Flt Sgt Eric Underhill keeping a watchful eye from the ground. Flt Lt Moore climbs out of her Hawk aircraft as an RAF ground crewman looks on Flt Lt Moore said she had been subject to some banter from her male colleagues but Dating website twoo not aware of any jokes about women drivers going around All applicants to the Red Arrows must have 'above average' flying skills, a minimum of 1, hours in the cockpit and at least one frontline operational tour in fast jets.

All ten of the Civil Aviation Authority engineers passed the tests and were awarded their "Stenigot Certificates".

On Friday, family members of those who died on Flight 93 visited the site, read the guestbook and viewed the many mementos left by people who have come to pay their respects. There are now over riggers in the Association and I am pleased to say it is still growing.

One of the ft steel towers was used to conduct the climbing tests which had to be passed before training as an aerial erector. The third and fourth trainees, CF3A, R. A relative of German victim Christian Adams touches the letters of his name at the newly dedicated Flight 93 memorial Wall of Names on the site where the United Airlines plane crashed in Shanksville Flt dating reflection: It will eventually include a Tower of Voices with 40 wind chimes.

Above is the Mark 24 Spitfire Serial No.

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The first course 1A commenced on Friday 22nd September and this initial course of 12 trainees passed out on the 16th January The road outside the camp entrance was re-aligned in the late 50s and the Gate Guard Spitfire had to be removed.

These civilian construction crews were the forerunners of the trade of Aerial Erector in the Royal Air Force. The Spitfire is seen here on a plinth in the centre of one of the old barrage balloon anchorages. Typical example of a Aerial Erector School hut interior inseen here laid out for the Commanding Officer's weekly inspection.

The new system, called Continuous Flow Training, allowed trainees to start their training immediately on arrival at RAF Digby, provided they had already passed their climbing test. Climbing tests continue to be carried out at RAF Stenigot.

Mel Tyler has a Marksman Badge, a pair of crossed rifles on his battle-dress tunic sleeve. Saunders and CF4A, D.

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Stengot Tower in The school occupied the foremost of the long low buildings seen in the old photograph above and consisted of a workshop, classroom, stores room and two small offices.

Note the climbing kit then in use, denim overalls worn over normal blue battle dress uniform, seaboot socks, wellington boots and a standard GPO leather linesmans belt with pole strap. It is interesting to note that all the trainees on course 4D were doing their National Service. The photograph on the left above was taken in at an unknown site Flt dating south eastern England by William Flegg.

Following this experiment, group courses recommenced as Continuous Flow courses, the nine trainees on CF5A arriving at various dates in June and July. The redundant Chain Home Radar station at Canewdon near Southend on Sea had several ft steel towers that could be used for testing selected airmen for their ability to work at height and was only a two hour drive away from Chigwell.

There were a number of aerials, masts and an open wire feeder system which were used for instruction located in the area of the former barrage balloon anchorages.

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The course commenced with the climbing and working at height testing of 44 candidates at RAF Canewdon. William was the foreman of the Marconi construction team. Usually newly recruited trainees had to wait, often for several weeks, before enough trainees were assembled for a course to be formed.

The was made redundant by advances in radar technology following the end of the war. In the one on the left, two of the ft Chain Home towers can be seen. The last National Service Aerial Erector.

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