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But do not take my word for it, there are many expatriates who stay in Saudi for a long time, or even return, and men and women do adjust and enjoy their lives here. For example, women can ride around in a taxi without a chaperone, and there are increasing numbers of women working in Saudi now.

The country is undoubtedly changing.

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Meet Singles in your Area! If you embrace and enjoy what is different and new, you will find interest in the same things that perhaps were maddeningly frustrating at first.


The local hammour fish is also fantastic. You are free to live life in a very similar style to how you live at home and you are not cooped up in your compound all weekend.

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I found Saudi a relatively easy place to live in, but I had already experienced long stints as an expat. Learning about new cultures, visiting different places and working with local people — as well as expatriates from all around the world — broadens your perspective and makes you more open-minded.

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There are some excellent compounds, like the one we lived on, which are very comfortable. Certainly someone coming to work or live in Saudi should do their homework and come mentally prepared, but look carefully at their sources of information because they may well not be balanced. Mind, however, that some of the profiles look suspicious and could have been submitted by escort agencies illegal in Saudi Arabia.

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For example, they are not allowed to drive cars. They cannot drive or travel alone but many well-educated Saudi women are going into business Credit: There Guided essay writing impoverished areas of the city while the swankiest homes are the size of five-star hotels with gardens full of pet tiger cubs and preening peacocks.

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Register your profile to be able to browse through female profiles of the other registered members. Dating a woman without an intention to marry her is also considered immoral in the kingdom.

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For now though, it is off to Dubai for my family and I, for a different chapter in our love affair with the Middle East.

Saudi might not suit some — but I would certainly consider returning in future.

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Local customs are very strict about dating. Ask your friends and relatives in Jeddah whether they know an unmarried woman whom you could date.