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Often, they were able to move or hover with no visible means of propulsion or lift. But the Pentagon insisted it would act 'whenever credible information is developed'. Those involved insist they made progress.

Senate Democrat leader for 12 years and the project's most powerful supporter. Newly released tapes make for disturbing listening.

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Many will laugh at the U. Jim Obsidian hydration dating archaeology in November 'If anyone says they have the answers now, they're fooling themselves,' said Harry Reid, the U. Close encounters US pilots are convinced were alien.

More recently, the department has assessed the threat posed by UFOs and Robert Bigelow has modified some of his company's buildings to store materials reportedly recovered from the scene of UFO sightings. The wind is knots to the west. InSenator Reid wrote to then deputy defence secretary, William Lynn, requesting heightened security to protect the programme.

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Reid's interest in UFOs had originally been pricked by his friend Robert Bigelow, a billionaire hotel tycoon and government contractor who is investing millions in space projects such as inflatable modules for living on the Moon.

Based on the fifth floor of C Ring, and run by a military intelligence official named Luis Elizondo, the secret department has spent years investigating reports of unidentified flying objects.

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My gosh, they're all going against the wind. The Pentagon programme investigated scores of reported encounters — in some cases, such as Commander Fravor's, backed by video or audio evidence.

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Others got the rare opportunity to speak to famous faces, but didn't have a very memorable experience. After 18 years of flying, I've seen pretty much about everything I can see in that realm, and this was nothing close' Mr Elizondo quit in October, in protest at what he said was excessive secrecy and internal opposition to his work.

The Pentagon investigators are likely to have talked to some of the retired military personnel who — according to UFO researchers — have described encounters near nuclear missile bases.

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He says he was warned by his men 'screaming into the phone' that a mysterious 'glowing red object' had been spotted over their missile silo, which was 60ft underground.

The idea that a hush-hush government outfit was investigating sightings and other bizarre phenomena famously provided the basis for TV drama series The X-Files.

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It lost its funding. A project insider told the website Politico, however, that the programme couldn't justify using taxpayers' money. Some believe aliens were monitoring them to ensure humanity didn't blow itself up by accident.

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After 18 years of flying, I've seen pretty much about everything I can see in that realm, and this was nothing close. I've done something that no one has done before,' he said.

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Too often, their claims were not being passed up the chain of command because servicemen feared they would be ostracised. At the same time, a Pentagon briefing by the UFO project's director, Mr Elizondo, claimed that 'what was considered science fiction is now science fact', says the New York Times.