25 Awkward/Embarrassing/Weird Hookup Stories Revealed. - Mack in Style 25 Awkward/Embarrassing/Weird Hookup Stories Revealed. - Mack in Style

Embarrassing hookup stories. The gurl girls share their most embarrassing hookup stories - healingyourenvironment.com | healingyourenvironment.com

On the 3rd date got a BJ on the drive home, then saw her kiss her dad on the forehead to say goodnight… wild one. A boy had diarrhea in my apartment after we hooked up. Turns out his nose had started bleeding and I had a good amount of blood spread all over my face.

While hanging out in his bed room one thing led to another, we were naked… I knew we were going to have sex, and I said is it in?

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Like not a light tap, like full force slaps the shit out of my face. I used to hook up with my high school boyfriend in the parking lot behind the Subway in my hometown.

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I had the typical drunk girl night, managed to attract a cute boy I had been eyeing, god only knows how I did it. Thank you for sharing these with me, I have to say I really enjoyed myself. He picked me up threw me on the bed and i had hot sex with a striper.

Leaving my post at work and walking a block to the beach, we proceeded to get it on. I was super excited. I had no pants on, and I was scared the whole time someone was going to walk in on us! I ended up going in circles and drove by his house 4 times as he was sitting on his front porch and could clearly see me.

He was hot and I wanted to show my friends, no shame.

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She was inviting a bunch of her friends from her town so I was excited to meet new people. Drunken night, per usual. Brad was a hot surfer babe, but an elitist jerk. He ended up having to ask some guy doing lawn work for a neighbor to jump his car. They came up anyway and we akwardly all sat in my living room.

25 Awkward/Embarrassing/Weird Hookup Stories Revealed.

He pulled his Embarrassing hookup stories out of my mouth fast and I was super confused, so I figured he was trying to prevent himself from ejaculating.

Hopefully we can eventually laugh at these uncomfortable situations we get ourselves into. It turns How does matchmaking work lol i ripped his foreskin… I literally tore his dick. A boy tried to hit on me and then threw up on me after I rejected him.

The guy on the other room was sitting in his bed, on his laptop, staring at me.

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For those of you easily Embarrassing hookup stories this post is as uncensored as real life. So the next day I went to my schools health clinic and got checked for STIs.

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I hooked up with this guy and afterwards, I threw up in his kitchen when I was leaving. Some of these stories will make you laugh, others will give you immense feelings of second hand embarrassment.

This was one just awkkkkkkward.

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Apparently he just wanted to touch my boobs all night.