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Plastic Bag Beads If you like making your own jewelry, why not take that one step further and actually make the beads as well?

Few simple ways like turning off lights when not in use, fixing leakages, proper insulation, using maximum daylight, installing Eco dating sites efficient windows, purchasing energy efficient gadgets can reduce your daily energy consumption.

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There are three basic stages to becoming eco-friendly, they are — Learning to consume items that cause minimal environmental harm. They are particularly well-suited for your kitchen, since any mess spilled on the floor can just be rinsed off. Woven Plastic Basket Instead of having those old plastic bags fill up that under-sink space to the brim, use them to make a nice woven basket, which can be used to store anything from fruit to, well, plastic bags.

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Always look out for recycling symbol when you visit grocery shop to buy items for your home. Plastic Bag Crafts 3.

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Grab a cutting mat, blade, ruler, some masking tape, a heavy yarn needle and crochet hook, and follow this tutorial by radmegan. Join Environmental Groups to Combat Pollution: The good news is that you can use them to make things. As a business, you stand to make a stronger impact in how fuel conservation is approached by working with suppliers that utilize hybrid technologies and making sure that a part of what you consider when buying or selling is the cost and impact of the shipping of the product.

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Striving to support others that work to live and produce eco-friendly and sustainable communities. Make your own by following this tutorial of Recylart.

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As mentioned earlier, one of the disadvantages is that may have to forgo some of the more modern conveniences. In My Own Style 7. A simple and yet more effective way to live eco-friendly life is to either take public transportation for your daily commuting needs or try pooling in with your office colleagues to save fuel and reduce your carbon footprint.

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It goes beyond an idea and extends to actual practices that influence how communities, businesses and individuals conduct themselves.

Make your own using recycled plastic bags and basic supplies you already have around the house.

Discovering the extent of your carbon footprint and acting to lessen that footprint on the environment. The bags are cut into long strips, rolled loosely into rosette shapes, then glued to the shade.

If your office is couple of miles away from home, you can either start half an hour early and walk on foot or ride a bicycle. Instead of buying one, make it from old plastic bags.

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