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He formed his own so-called National Imperial Guerrilla Army with two friends.

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He admits to shooting [at] the Queen initially, but in some of the redacted documents, it later says that he shot at the road only," Mr McNeilly said. At high school he was suspended and got the most canings.

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First posted January 17, The otherwise uneventful trip ended up becoming the subject of a bizarre assassination attempt, when a teenager fired a single shot from a. He would later lead police to the bathroom, where they found the weapon.

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The incident is now the subject of a six-part investigative piece by journalist Hamish McNeilly, which examines how year-old Christopher John Lewis plotted to kill the Queen. Police files obtained by Mr McNeilly show Lewis was interviewed on suspicion of trying to kill the Queen, and was at one point even charged with attempted treason.

The three teenagers later robbed a post office.

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Police paid for the day getaway, which they said was organised for security reasons. Mr McNeilly said the incident was covered up to avoid potentially global embarrassment.

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Mr McNeilly spoke to a number of witnesses to the Queen's Dunedin visit, and researched official police documents and a memoir written by Lewis. Then there were a couple of minor charges to do with discharging a firearm and possession of a firearm," Mr McNeilly said.

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Bear in mind this was the same year where there were assassination attempts on [then-US president Ronald] Reagan. Lewis took his own life while in prison in September The group went on a crime spree around Dunedin, which included stealing guns from an arms store.

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Officers seized their cache of stolen weapons, but the rifle Lewis used on the day of the Queen's visit was missing. When British media caught wind of the story, police argued it may have been someone letting off firecrackers nearby.

Police came across one of the teenagers involved in the robbery — identified by his camouflaged jacket — and all three including Lewis were taken in for questioning.

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Holed up in a toilet cubicle on the fifth storey of a building, with the rifle stuck out the window, he waited for the Queen's motorcade to arrive. Lewis initially admitted to shooting at the Queen, but redacted documents say that he shot at the road only.