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The Pretty Princess from Perrault's Riquet of the Tuft is often represented in illustrations as a blonde. Judy Holliday frequently played this type.

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I just picture gigantic drapes of meat a Dumb dating Lady Gaga's meat dress hanging from my windows. Fairy Tales " Goldilocks " combines both the innocence and the folly associated with blond hair. When she's alone, though, she likes to kick back and read philosophy. Switching to celebrity gossip on my mark!

The vain, shallow Brainless Beauty is played by the brunet Liz Hurley while the smart, likeable, funny Girl Next Door love interest is played by the blond Daryl Hannah.

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Shutterstock Leave Hot Pockets out of this! Rarer yet, she is also the main character. It has no bearing on intelligence! Tawny Madison in Galaxy Quest the actress supposedly said that just putting the blonde wig on made her feel dumber.

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This is not okay. Tell us in the comments below! There are some hilarious words for vagina, just like there are funny ones for oral sex and masturbation.

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Susan Alexander in Citizen Kane. If your vagina is sticky or filled with honey, there are a lot of problems and you should probably see a gynecologist immediately.


Not that she is not proud of her appearance, but this is mostly a ploy to get people to underestimate her. To show that this doesn't just refer to women, look at just about every role Owen Wilson has had.

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Both Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy have had fun playing with their public image as ditzy blondes, and have played exaggerated versions of this trope in several films, including together in Scary Movie 3. Matrix 1Matrix Supergirl is very ditzy.

Apparently, even the Greatest Movie of All Time isn't above this.

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