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Though it's less of a condemnation and more of an utterly hilarious in-joke if you just illegally downloaded the movie. Steal This Book advocates rebelling against authority in all forms, governmental and corporate.

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After finding out that, yes she did because she is a "good girl"he mentions that he happens to already own a copy which she could have borrowed from him. Porn producers have an advantage in that some of their material can embarrass even the most brazen pirate.

He becomes an Asshole Victim pretty quickly. In one of the first book of the Net Force series, author Steve Perry stops the action so that two characters can debate digital piracy.

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Spirit of VengeanceJohnny implies that an illegal download would be judged just as harshly as a white lie. Disguised as an unskippable video on why piracy is wrong, it's actually nonsensical and entirely skippable.

It's actually quite popular amongst the AI, but only one of them actually bought a copy; that AI then transmitted the Zoosk dating site price to every other AI in existence.

Some companies concentrate their copyright-infringement efforts on their kinkiest products in order to maximize the potential embarrassment of fighting them in court. Given a wink in Transformers. The Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons has the poet Martin Silenus thrust into massive debt when his second book bombs horribly.

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We see later in the Commonwealth Saga that the world has evolved into an almost-utopia nonetheless which, this being Hamilton, doesn't last leaving us confused as to Hamilton's actual message.

A Comedy of JusticeGerald Jerry Farnsworth makes it a point to ask his daughter if she legally paid for a pornographic hologram. By illegally downloading this film, you'll be helping Ghosts of Girlfriends Past become the 1 movie in America. The Abridged Serieswhere Joey defends the series in court against charges of copyright infringement brought by the 4Kids Entertainment legal department.

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Played all the way to its most horrible conclusion, in Noir by K. The Moviea teacher tries to get rid of a troublesome student by planting enough pirated DVDs in his locker — " to prove intent to sell ".

In Night of the Cometthe biggest Jerk Ass is a movie-theater manager who covertly loans movie reels to an accomplice overnight so they can be copied, then sells the bootlegs. Hamilton 's Misspent Youth features some rather ham-handed anti-piracy propaganda, assuming a future where the authorities stopped caring about copyright inat which point all art turned to crap.

Inverted in episode 50 of Yu-Gi-Oh! It hurts the ordinary people who work in the entertainment industry well before it does anything to the big, fat, well-publicized millionaires, and 2. One singer in The Night's Dawn Trilogywho does interstellar tours rather than just the usual planetary ones, takes great satisfaction in depriving starship crews of one of their main revenue sidelines: The Judge sentences him to circle 7, level 1 of Hell for that.

It is likely that instead of trying to convey a message Hamilton was simply trying to extrapolate what he thought was likely to happen to media from technological trends.

See the Other Wiki. The first soul that comes up says he is there for downloading Metallica. You sure you want that on your conscience?

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It's just bots that keep removing LittleKuriboh 's accounts on YouTube. Since she sells recordings everywhere she goes, there's no real market for their bootlegs of her work. However, since the Anti-Piracy advocate is the dashing lantern-jawed hero, and the Pro-Piracy advocate is his 15 year old son, we are invited to shake our heads at the kid's "naive" arguments.

Especially as fans, and Hamilton himself, consider Misspent Youth one of his weaker works. This is how he comes up with most of the social and technological developments in his books. A bit of a twist on the Dr. Leaks like this affect not just the highly-paid stars and producers In the meantime, the sales lost on Wolverine will give the edge to a bad chick flick.

And a little louder, please, so the authorities know!

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Then again, he states earlier on in his narration that the Ghost Rider has become so Knight Templar -crazy in the Time Skip between films that said "harsh judgement" would definitely get you killed, which is why he's been Walking the Earth and staying away from other people.

Funnily enough, turns out that 4Kids is fine with the abridged series.

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They're putting these warnings on porn DVDsof all places.