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The page numbering in the running head continues uninterrupted throughout. MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question.

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Do you italicize or use quotation marks for the titles of publishers? Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business. If the recording was obtained online, include a link to the website. Example including optional date of access: Tables and Illustrations Place tables and illustrations as close as possible to the parts of the text to which they relate.

Winks and Kaiser If there are three or more authors, include the last name of the first author followed by "et al.

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How to prepare an annotated bibliography Introduction This guide provides a basic introduction to the MLA citation style. Do not use URL shorteners e. An album or CD title is put in italics, but the song titles are in quotation marks.

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Naming conventions capitalization and WP: What follows are some general guidelines for referring to the works of others in your essay. Government Residence Eschews Traditional Rules. Put them in quotes?

One major exception is for titles that are quotations or titles of works: Vgwizardx 3 Contributions When writing the title of a book in a report do you put it in quotations?

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Use sentence case Titles are written in sentence case. Reference list entries should be alphabetized by the last name of the first author of each work.

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Some teachers prefer that no running head appear on the first page. Use the singular form Article titles are generally singular in form, e.

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For more information, see page of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed.