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Did erica dating floyd mayweather, this series provides examples of:

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The season two episode "Dumbstruck" has T. Yvette asks this about the top she's wearing in a news report about T. Fish out of Water Food Fight: She then proceeds to stuff her bra to see if she would have gotten the part if she was bustier.

The Disney edit of the episode removes this and jumps to what follows, in which Mo enters the bathroom, confronting T.


From uptighten of hard-working king bolt, say "oh, yes, please. In "A Little Knowledge", T. Does that top make me look fat?

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In "Boomerang," Mo is assigned as T. Marcus buzzes in T.

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Truman once worked as haberdasher before becoming President of the United States. The Disney edit of the episode also removes T. No, eating that bag of cookies makes you look fat.


Didn't I say it right? But the plan eventually hits a snag when both twins fall for Marquise, and he reveals his real identity, leaving Marcus with neither twin. Well, at least that's somethin'. Made into a Running Gag at how often he hangs out at the Henderson house.

But when Yvette tries to get Floyd to talk reason to Lydia about her crush on him, they find out that Lydia has a new crush on someone her own age.

Yvette has these in "Perchance to Dream," after each time she dreams about her and Mo getting married even during a Dream Within a Dream that occurs after she realizes the reason behind the dreams.

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With the help of T. Well, uh, let's see. After Principal Dowling comes to the Henderson household to talk to T.

Curiously, the later scene where Floyd discovers Marcus disposing of the beer cans was allowed to stay.

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The reason why Yvette originally refused to attend her high school graduation in "The Graduate," at first, was because she was protesting a right-wing congressman's appearance as the ceremony's speaker though it's not hinted that this was an excuse until later, when the congressman goes on the lam days before the ceremony, and she still decides against going.