Current Understandings of Major Depression – Diathesis-Stress Model Current Understandings of Major Depression – Diathesis-Stress Model

Diathesis stress theory of addiction, ad &horizontalline; info & options

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High antenatal maternal anxiety is related to ADHD symptoms, externalizing problems, and anxiety in 8- and 9-year-olds. Diathesis factors can include: The dopamine-4 receptor gene associated with binge eating and weight gain in women with seasonal affective disorder: Repeated neonatal handling with maternal separation permanently alters hippocampal GABAA receptors and behavioral stress responses.

Trends Neuroscience, 21, Importance of studying the contributions of early adverse experience to neurobiological findings in depression.

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The long-term impact of the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of children: Novelty seeking involved in mediating the association between the dopamine D4 receptor gene exon III polymorphism and heavy drinking in male adolescents: The body and brain changes and adapts as a protection mechanism.

Brain-derived neurotrophic factor Val66Met and psychiatric disorders: Serotonin transporter gene variants and behavior: J Abnorm Child Psychol.

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Hippocampal damage associated with prolonged glucocorticoid exposure in primates. Features of childhood sexual abuse and the development of psychiatric and substance use disorders. Variations in maternal care in infancy regulate the development of stress reactivity.

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Genetics of emotional regulation: Your protective factors, or resilience, can prevent a mental illness. GABAergic control of synaptic plasticity.

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Role of the serotonin transporter gene and family function in adolescent alcohol consumption. Long-lasting changes in morphine-induced locomotor sensitization and tolerance in Long-Evans mother rats as a result of periodic postpartum separation from the litter: Dopamine D4 receptor polymorphism modulates cue-elicited heroin craving in Chinese.

Studies of the potential role of the dopamine D1 receptor gene in addictive behaviors.

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Prevention of learned helplessness: Common genetic vulnerability for pathological gambling and alcohol dependence in men. By Vilma Ruddock M.

Diathesis-Stress Model

Relationship between dopaminergic neurotransmission, alcoholism, and reward deficiency syndrome. Early adversity alters attention and locomotion in adult Sprague-Dawley rats.

Stress[ edit ] Stress can be conceptualized as a life event that disrupts the equilibrium of a person's life.