Bungie is sort of doing something about Destiny raid LFG - VG Bungie is sort of doing something about Destiny raid LFG - VG

Destinyraids no matchmaking,

In a year's time, Destiny will be outdated by its expansion; after that, the sequel. Raids are for everybody who has the balls to attempt them.

This is a video game where if you lose you can try again and that's what every raider will do. It's not going to be 'hardcore groups', whatever that means, being the only ones who attempt it.

Again, this isn't 'hardcore clanship', this is random people joining other random people specifically for the purpose of raiding. Somebody who wants to complain over difficulty, will indeed complain over difficulty, whether they're in a clan or not.

If I want to attempt a raid I damn well bloody will. It doesn't matter whether i'm in a clan, a random group, or with one of my 'friends'. Difficulty is perceived by the player. My original post is here: I've talked some about thumbskill challenge vs. The quote of which you can see at the bottom of this post.

I fully expect groups to beat Normal mode in the first week its available. It's true that this is simple conjecture. Communication is determined by the player. This isn't 'hardcore clanship', this is matchmaking in its simplest form.

Once your group learns the encounters, you will be able to get through the Raid significantly faster than 3 hours. If you're going to stream it this Fall, please feel free to let me know here. It's true that at this point in time it is merely my 'opinion', but it is the only logical explanation.

This is intentional, I'd like any group that Destinyraids no matchmaking motivated and willing to cooperate to make their way through the Raid on Normal.

Bungie Has 'No Plans' to Bring Raid Matchmaking to Destiny - IGN

It's very much a team-building exercise. It has nothing to do with 'clans' or 'friends' or 'casuals' or 'hardcore'. Coordination is determined by the player. Bleeding edge hardcore groups will invest some significant amount of time in figuring out the encounters and making their way through Destinyraids no matchmaking Vault.

Complainers will complain, and more people means more complaints. This is matchmaking in its simplest form. I expect Hard mode to take longer. This 'gear' you think you're entitled to for proclaiming yourself as 'hardcore', won't mean anything for any significant amount of time.

However, the first time through, learning everything and arranging your group will take some hard-to-predict amount of time until some clan releases their strategies on YouTube. Fail and fail and fail until they succeed.

People everywhere are resorting to joining clans specifically for the purpose of raiding. No amount of 'clan', 'friend', or 'hardcore' status will determine this for them. You won't 'become legend' no matter how many times Bungie bangs it into your ears.

Whatever sense of entitlement you have for calling yourself 'hardcore' or playing with 'friends', is completely redundant. At what difficulty somebody perceives the raid, is what will decide if somebody chooses to 'cry' to the forum.

This means that the more accessible the raid, or any aspect of the game, the more people will complain, because more people will be accessing it.

As they are already doing. I also understand the limitations that this places on the activity's adoption at scale. I'd also like to outline a few simple points here. This is people desperately joining up with whoever they can just so they can raid.