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Dating your griswold skillet, field notes, observations and assorted 909-sense from the inland valley daily bulletin columnist

Thanks David, I really like your b-l-o-g. No, it is not a soil tiller.

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Their original menu specialties included Cuban coffee and sandwiches, and the menu evolved from there. My grandfather oversaw several orchards and we lived in the middle of 20 acres of lemons.

Even an experienced antique collector or farm enthusiast may not know what these items are or what they were made to do.

Across from Lincoln School was the Melody Pet Store, where the owners at the time had an ocelot in the store. These were most often made of solid iron, about inches in length.

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Skeppshult is a Scandinavian foundry that produces cast iron cookware and cast iron kitchen accessories. Because cast-iron skillets can develop a "non-stick" surface when cared for properly, they are excellent for frying potatoes or preparing stir-fries.

Aside from cookware, in your lifetime you may have seen cast iron radiators for heating homescast iron trivets for resting pots and pans on in the kitchenand cast iron bathtubs even though there is porcelain covering them, most old bathtubs are cast iron.

This is really a rule for any piece of cookware. I highly recommend checking out castironcollector.

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In that era, there were I think just three sit-down restaurants the Hollander Cafeteria, the Jolly Roger, and one near the clock towerand an Orange Julius.

I, too, remember Market Basket in Ontario.

ALASKA: The Historic Skagway Inn, Skagway

Plus they had better penny candy than anywhere else. While harder to find, they actually make cast iron pots, too.

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We were always going somewhere so we never actually stopped there, but the memories are clear. Everyday use characterization essay oven cooking has become a pretty popular niche hobby and is great practice in self-reliance.

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To the north of the Plaza was the Montgomery Ward store the site of the current Targetbut to the east there only a cluster of older commercial buildings, the Holiday Roller Rink, and a rundown motel. For better or worse, cooking with cast iron can ensure a different flavor experience each and every time.

The Granada Theatre always had the latesst movies, and ushers dressed in real usher attire.

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Were all way too impatient these days. But learning to use cast iron cookware effectively can be an art form. Place it next to the fire so it can warm up a little before putting it right onto the coals.

I can still remember watching that machine crank them out. White Front in Ontario?


Enameled cast iron takes longer to heat up than bare metal cast iron due to the insulating properties of the enamel. Further west there was The Pomona Valley Inn which at one time was a nice restaurant and hotel.

Leaving food in cast iron as a storage vessel is inviting moisture to penetrate and rust the piece. Hopefully someone has an idea. While enamel-coated cast iron doesn't have the seasoning and cleaning issues of bare cast iron, a similar style of enamel-coated cast iron can cost three or four times its bare cast iron counterpart.