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Ask directly for understanding of your experience and to make specific requests. He is now singly focused on defending himself, sometimes by attacking his partner physically, emotionally or verbally.

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Most couples with high conflict do not have sadistic, evil partners plotting, each morning, how to harm their lover. This works exactly the same way for women also.

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Hard to do for some people, but simple in that what is expected is very clear and well defined. While defending himself with explanations or reasons or excuses, he becomes self centered and cannot attend to the thoughts and feelings of his partner.

According to Chen, a marriage is not about what another person could give to self but a chance for self to learn how to give to another.

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Many men and women entered into marriage with the idea that they could change the behavior of their partner Los Angeles, CA PRWEB March 10, Three times 1 bestselling author and relationship master Hellen Chen has helped thousands of individuals to learn how to experience the love story they have wanted.

Skills and agreements that are learned and practiced in the series of three seminars: Most men like the idea of having clearly defined guidelines, methods and techniques that are easy to understand and execute.

The only difference is that if my marriage workshop works well, you are done paying money to professionals!! And, speaking expressively without blaming. In fact, the course helps you determine if you really need professional help!

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The skills Dating workshop los angeles agreements are simple. However, this is no measurement of whether the person they like is right for them.

Los Angeles Dating Workshop: Hellen Chen Sheds Light on Why Modern Dating is Failing Singles

Stop an escalating argument in 6 seconds, by mutual agreement. Express the thoughts and feelings underneath harsh and critical ones. Or by following the 10 week Home Study Course learning the simple skills and agreements that prevent verbal disrespect and circular escalating arguments that seem to never end.

A statement that Chen has heard over and over again from men and women who were unhappy in their relationships has been "if only my partner can change for me Testimonials of couples who took the seminar.

Chen's works in family, marriage and personal developments are featured in over media publications in 20 countries.

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Cease defensive, blaming, and withdrawal behaviors. The seminar or Home Study Course for Couples is like the over the counter first level of finding relief.

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Even if your partner does not state a desire for change; this seminar can be attended by singles. The workshop is unique because it focuses on skills, tools and agreements and is so purely educational.

Women just love that, after the seminar, there is more listening and talking!

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Believing that most individuals do want a loving relationship, Chen started lecturing and writing books about the subject. But, once a man feels threatened it triggers an adrenaline surge. Leave the room for less than an hour, when arguing rises with too much emotional intensity.

Much of the marriage communication seminar is based on the PREP methods of skill training for couples used in many military bases, churches and other organizations. It is research based, simple to learn and has proven results.

To help singles and couples develop the ability to love, Chen has released a whole series of love workshops in Asia and in America.

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