Common Myth about Legal Separation in South Carolina Common Myth about Legal Separation in South Carolina

Dating while legally separated in sc, definition of legal separation

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The division of the marital estate is permanent after the divorce decree or Separate Support and Maintenance Final Order is in place. You may change your name at the time of divorce. What is a divorce going to cost me? In general, no, if jurisdiction was established in South Carolina when you filed.

In a nutshell, there is a difference between your living situation and your marital status: After the final divorce decree is signed by the judge.

South Carolina recognizes Common Law Marriage. The court shall place weight upon the preference based upon the child's age, experience, maturity, judgment, and ability to express a preference. What if my spouse does not want the divorce? After six months of living separate, Jane meets Bob and wants to start dating him.

We do have 3 children and my husband is threatening me that if I start dating while we are legally separated, he is going to fight for custody. In this example, a Separate Support and Maintenance action may be filed to address the same issues involved in a divorce action.

This is an issue you should address in your initial consultation in our South Carolina office. Does South Carolina grant divorces based on marital fault?

Common Myth about Legal Separation in South Carolina

Do I really need to hire an attorney? I am filing for my legal separation. Why is that a problem? After I file for divorce, do I have to continue to live in South Carolina?

This distinction can confuse people when they are living separate from each other and want to begin dating other people. You should contact our South Carolina office for further clarification of these potential pitfalls. For example, if Jane and John decide they want to divorce so John moves out.

What if I am in the military and out of state? Parties and attorneys representing the parties in a case are not proper process servers.