It's Just Lunch Dating Blog: How to Survive Your First Weekend Getaway as a Couple It's Just Lunch Dating Blog: How to Survive Your First Weekend Getaway as a Couple

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And I am probably of a different generation that you.

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Compromise and patience are the key to any successful weekend getaway — and likewise to any successful relationship. These resorts offer romantic dining options, cozy rooms for two and other activities specially designed for couples.

Maybe you absolutely must eat breakfast before you can tackle any part of your day. However, at a bare minimum you probably should have spent the night together at least a few times before you venture out of town together. Originally Posted by indecisive09 Maybe I didn't word my question correctly.

How soon is too soon?

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Just food for thought. These resorts typically offer quiet locations because no children are allowed.

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It's not about how many guys you may or may not sleep with. Obviously, every relationship is different. Maybe you spend one day by the pool decompressing and one day hiking on a scenic trail.

Whether you decide to hit the slopes or cuddle up by the fireplace or in your room, you and your spouse can enjoy your weekend away.

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You already set the bar low by saying it was going Hookup job be casual. One fight does not a bad weekend getaway make, however. I guess I am just really traditional in that arena.

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The romantic surprises can be smaller gestures, like having her favorite champagne waiting in the room for your arrival. Are you still looking for your match? Let the matchmakers at It's Just Lunch help you. Plus I have seen it over and over Some may think that they need to spend a lot to reconnect, but this is not necessarily the case.

For instance, if you live close to a beach or winery area that interests you or your spouse, rent a hotel room or a campsite if you would rather.

Find a location that offers a restaurant with these types of food to make your weekend even more special. I trust him enough to go away with him. During the fall months, a trip to a forested area in a cooler climate offers views of the changing colors in the trees.

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Destinations The destination of your romantic weekend trip can be just about anywhere. Does the other person know that? We even have a couple mutual friends. I'm not sleeping with anyone else nor do I plan to while I am sleeping with him.

If a romantic-style restaurant is not available, choose one that means something to you and your spouse.

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