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Dating vintage zippers. How to date clothing as vintage

As such, you will run across "transitional" versions of all these zipper designs - older components mixed with newer ones.

The 1940s Formal Gown and Jacket

Dating vintage zippers resins, specific versions of the plastics Nylon and Polyester are both used today in zip making. Sleeves may have cuffs or ornamentation.

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You can also group lots as sizes making a lot of five or six items all size 32 bust, or all size large items. Had to replace my issued Woobie as I lost it to my daughter, then lost the new one, too, because it's got a "cool pattern.

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Like the styles of clothing they created, the look of a designer tag changed throughout the history of the brand. In preference use cinnamon, taupe, cafe, red earth which have a more pleasant visual connection.


Tell them your methods of acceptable payment such as using ClickBank or PayPal or Visa, but don't labour everyone who peruses the sale with too much info on this at the selling stage, leave the bulk of the payment information for the final purchaser or anyone who cares to email you about their preferred method of payment.

Sellers like the ones recommended here actually draw attention to flaws so the buyer knows exactly what to expect.

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A buyer expects to see pictures of flaws, minor holes, tiny seam splits where appropriate, for any of the descriptions above. In vintage terms many enthusiasts believe that a metal zipper in a garment is a good rule of thumb that along with other factors indicate a garment is probably pre Describe the garment and the garment construction details - tell them if it is couture, mass produced or custom made.

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If you cannot be descriptive enough, if it is not in good state, write "sold AS IS" which puts the onus on the purchaser to read that phrase and derive meaning from it.

The garment care tag stitched onto the interior of the garment.

Dating Outerwear by zipper design | The Fedora Lounge

And plenty comfortable, too! The sizing system changed again into roughly 4 sizes bigger than modern size. Sadly the decimal point on the price has moved a couple of notches to the right in the intervening years although we feel our jacket represents real value in today's marketplace It's remiss of us not to have produced an Aero version before now but good things are worth waiting for and this is a very special jacket that is most definitely worth the wait.

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Pre garments were very fitted. By the zipper was in production.

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Concealed zippers which are very fine were introduced in Even so most garments were still designed with button fastenings until the 50s when improvements in zip manufacture were acknowledged.

Garment tags may still be attached. Since the marking may be permanent this should be reflected in the selling price.