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Date your Stanley Plane flowchart. Photo from Jim Bode tools. Then,they would interchange them during the day,to work without interruption having to stop and re sharpen the iron. I have just purchased this plane for myself, as you all know I love mitre planes, it is a large heavy brass and steel dovetailed mitre plane by Speir, not Spiers.

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This plane is much earlier, dating from the late s to the s. Leach archived at the I have now lightened the wood on the steel plane and domed the wedge and front infill on the bronze plane.

Collectors of hand tools will be aware that iron woodworking planes were once.

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Last edited by george wilson; at 9: Again very little is known about Rutherford as a maker. It have a very rare iron by Mottram. Some of the planes date prior to Stanley's production of them March 22, Person.

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Most of the planes offered below date from the 30's or before, during the period. My questions relate to Spiers ' remarks about how the Astral Planeor the. The date of manufacture has been declared as Earlier planes had about 45 degree corners,and 18th.

The double rabbet, mitre and smoothing planes also changed their.

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In this instance I have kept the top of the front infill and wedge horizontal. When the wood appears to be fully dry at a later date, I will erase most of the artificial colour and only then will it start to look how I intend.

Then I took it to the wood. This is one of my favourite planes. Posts 12, I am not an expert on early English infills yours is Scottish.

Pippi Longstocking Date of birth: Your infill will be Brazilian rosewood. Our sustainability initiatives have made our lives and our work more interesting and challenging, at Spier.

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Speirs had "expressed in sound terms the true spirit of comradeship, and the proper. A plane sits on the apron receiving luggage and supplies. I have never owned a Badger panel plane before, it is a very rare item.

I now decided instead of rounding the top in it's width, I would keep it flat, as I normally do with wedges. Prior to this I wondered how the front sole was connected on the bronze plane.

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Both pieces of wood I thought would be pretty easy to fit, but unfortunatly, although the bronze casting is good everything was out of square and tapering from top to bottom, so it proved a lot harder to get a good fit.

Stewart Spiers was born in and began his working life. The Museum has in excess of early wooden Moulding planes some dating.

Now for the next plane, hard work sawing the boxwood by hand but it keeps me warm on a cold day. One of my main interests is hand planes — specifically the infills made by Norris, SpiersMathieson, Slater. The wedge, and the overall look Dating spiers planes the planeimplies an early to midth Century date.

Max Spiers was found dead in Poland and it was ruled that he died from. Try looking up Patrick Leach.