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There were recessed lensboard the earlier Anniversary models, but apparently none for the Pacemaker.

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For the front lens shutter, it is connected by a cable to a lever arm which activates the shutter release on the lens, if the lens has a shutter. When using the optical view finder or the peep sight for example, with roll film take care not to accidently trigger the rear curtain shutter into the "0" position, as you will get no exposure.

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Very first version has a flip up optical sight and after has the usual bakelite tubular viewfinder. Depress this bump and pull the focus bed i. There is a button mounted under the leather on the right side near the top.

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The Pacemaker Speed Graphic has the following controls: All models have the flip up optical finders and the Graphic spring back was standard. Post-war improvements to the Anniversary Graphic were coated lens, lenses in shutters, body release, and folding infinity stops.

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The body release is switchable, and works both front and rear shutters. It is U-shaped, with degree corners.

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With longer lenses, the bed can be dropped in order to obtain fall, in which case the front standard should be tilted parallel to the film plane. Peep Sight A flip-up lensless eyepiece mounted at the top rear center of the camera back.

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When it use, one of the components is pulled all the way up, and the other is adjusted up or down for parallax correction, as marked in stamped numbers on the sides. The Speed Graphic is relatively thick: The extension limit is not in bellows draw, but rather the limit imposed by the thickness of the chassis.

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If you are using the ground glass for focusing, you won't have this problem. The Kalart Range Finder is mounted on the right side in the early Pacemakers. Most Pacemakers have the Graflok backwhere the focusing panel is both spring loaded and removable.

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After Super Graphics were still made by Toyo in Japan. The last batch of 75 4x5 Anniversary model cameras was made in January and the last batch of 3x4 Anniversary cameras was made in February Has dual focus knobs, metal bed, focal plane flash sync and curved top folding wire sports finder.

In models leftthe rangefinder is mounted on the side, and is usually a Kalartbut occasionally a Hugo Meyer.

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