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But did any readers notice the discrepancy between this paragraph and the previously recorded patent number? The full answer is here Q: The markings are, from left to right, the Snap-on logo, the size, the model number, a stylized "7" date code for"Made in U.

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In this later set the sockets all have the same height, approximately 3. It is certainly possible to restore or renew, but it is likely to lower its value.

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The double-square Loxockets are not known to have been listed in any Snap-on catalog, but a couple of examples from have been discovered.

The shank is also marked "Patent Applied For" near the flex head see left inset.

Sockets and Drive Tools

The drive stud is equipped with two detent balls backed by a very stiff spring. The right inset shows the hot-broached construction with an annular ring of displaced metal. The DH-xx2 series of double-hex sockets became the LDH-xx2 Loxocket series, but with straight walls instead of the earlier tapered design, and the S-xx2 series of extra deep sockets became the LS-xx2 Loxocket series.

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The system of locking pins and release buttons adopted by Snap-on was based on the "Lock-On" patents developed by Blackhawk Manufacturing. In this web site, under resources - all the guarantee statments are listed through WWII. They took orders and then made them. This extension was acquired as part of the Snap-on Early No.

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World War Two flooded the market with tools. It is tougher, and looks better longer.

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In addition, numerous cosmetic changes were made to the socket styles, giving the sockets an updated appearance every few years. The sockets are marked with the Snap-on logo, model, and fractional size, and all of the sockets are stamped with a "0" date code for Web Search Sockets and Drive Tools Snap-on continued to improve its sockets throughout the s and beyond, although the pace of change wasn't as rapid as it had been in the s.

Q: How can identify my Snap on tool??

Can I collect on a Snap on guarantee for an old tool? Up until this point all Snap-on ratchets had been made with integral forged handles, but for heavy-duty tools this greatly increased the weight and cost of the unit. Readers interested in more information may want to refer to the section on Snap-on Early Speeders and Braces.