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The Point area is shown with some extension up the rivers. The map was provided by G. Bridge;" this tunnel was incorporated into the present day downtown subway. Minsky licensed the process and his cards began to appear in the late 30s. The verso has a view of the Ohio River from Marietta.

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In our fast-paced world there isn't always time to go out and mingle unfortunately, but to find love one has to date. An attractive map with a fancy grapevine border and small illustrations of buildings along the right edge; also an anonymous map with no printer or source identified.

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About two thirds of each map is shown in the image. It is something of a stretch to include this map but it illustrates what built Pittsburgh industry. Lithographed by Otto Krebs, Pittsburgh.

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It folds into the plain brown cover pictured, sold by H. The Richardson courthouse is shown and there is an Exhibition Hall at the Point which apparently stood until We hope that using our website will be loads of fun and that you will quickly find a great partner to share your best moments with.

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It is printed in relief and is likely a stereotype from a very large wood engraving. It was abandoned by the British intaken over by Virginians in and renamed Fort Dunmore.

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It folds into a 9 x 4 inch yellow paper cover saying Distributed by Triangle News Co. Anonymous email, chat, and Instant Message.

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The page book gives detailed driving directions for hundreds of numbered routes, several through Pittsburgh. The source and exact dating of this map is not known; it is believed to date between and The image depicts a panoramic view of Pittsburgh from Mt.

That's why we created this dating site for you. The exact dating of this anonymous photogravure is not known; it is believed to come from an 's photo book but the text below the map "One hundred and fifty years ago there stood on the delta formed by the Alleghany and Monongahela rivers the old French fort Du Quesne.

There are still large operating coal mines south of the city in Washington, Fayette, and Greene counties. We strongly believe that everyone has the right to love and be loved.

Here is the city at the dawn of time, or at the dawn of the automobile age, the same thing in the US. Only the downtown is shown. Today parking is not all that tight downtown because it is so expensive. This is an undated Gulf road map of Pittsburgh with no printer identified and in the form of a mailer.

This hotel is long gone, but recently the bed Lincoln used was discovered stored in the attic of a county warehouse and given to the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania. This magnificent city view with an accompanying article appeared on pp. Two city plans appear on the same page, only Pittsburgh is shown here colored by ward, showing streets, main buildings, railroads, stations etc.

About 10 miles around the Point are shown. The cover is similar to other Gulf road maps, so that dating is used here. It was destroyed the same year by the French who built Fort Duquesne.

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The image is Female dating profiles the Library of Congress. Size; 10 x 12 inches.

It looks like a circa US Geological Survey map; these were first issued circaso that dating is used here.