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Dec 4, d. I welcome ANY reply to this request, and any connection to my American family. Locate books and, if possible, old Schrade catalogs to further enable you to pinpoint the knife within a certain time period.

You draw the string back to the corner of the right eye and aim over the left thumb at the target. Married to Enos Vinson.

November I had the pleasure of interviewing Zhang Shaojie, a performing artist who has devoted his life to performing feats developed from the old military examination system.

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I believe at one point he was living in Clay County, Fla.

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Teddy Roosevelt and others were commemorated with Schrade knives. The only information I have is that her name was Patricia Wilkinson. I am looking for family history.

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My wife is the crack-shot at that. If anyone can help please e-mail. My dad also lived in Paxton for many years. Was pronouced dead in and and had a stone put in the VA cemetary in Danville Ill.

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Here is what I do know. William had a brother who emigrated to Western Australia, and a sister who stayed in England. The grip and the relative thickness of the limbs look convincing, as does the twisted rawhide or gut string. Actually, the stones were horse-mounting blocks called 'zhishi'.

Therefore, the string length of the child's bow was approximately You can look up the serial number in an antique cutlery book or Schrade catalog, which will often tell you the name of the particular knife; this will help you pinpoint a time frame for when it was made.

This attitude dates back hundreds of years. If you are interested in one of Patrice's Mongol bows, you can contact him at his firm, Euro Archery.

Harold is the son of Jack Wilkinson who apparently died in North London s. I am trying to trace my GrGrandfather's family. However, it seems to me that any historic fiction that does not take place in Britain or North America post requires extra effort.

A maker of horn and sinew bows has to be able to hear the bow as it is pulled. They had a son: The first digit indicates the number of blades on the knife; the second and third refer to the handle pattern; and the fourth refers to the handle material.

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I can already manage fifty pounds. I must admit that I was among the ignorant until recently. It is exactly two-thirds the size of a standard adult's bow of the same proportion and design, and perfectly made in the traditional way with horn and sinew, and decorated with lacquered birch bark.

The woodsmen knew what we needed and we could always get it. Any information would be appreciated.

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Back to the yumi. Now all we can get is industrially-cut wood. From his great grandfather, Zhang Yushan, through his grandfather, Zhang Baozhong, and father Zhang Yingjie, he has developed performing skills based on the feats that candidates for the military examinations in Dating schrade uncle henry knives Qing Dynasty had to perform.

The act we performed required using a pellet to put out candle flames at a range of a few metres.