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Ben Owen was sole potter at Jugtown for several years in the s. It operated Synar as Gracetone Pottery through TV lamps, large serving and decorative pieces with airbrushed designs were typical Lane production.

Many items are marked "Hall" in a circle. Hunt, Eric Hellman and Cecil Jones are names to look for in Broadmoor and Colorado pottery as they signed some of the products.

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Tony Evans also made studio art glass. In the 's, kitchenware was added to their line of products.

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The link to Abebooks gives all the information you should need to track it down, if you're so inclined. The current Haeger Potteries website has the history of the potteries.

Alamo Pottery

I recently came across some utilitarian pottery marked "R. Calpotter Calpotter was a Laguna Beach, California pottery company operating in the s and maybe into the s.

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Canuck Pottery Canuck Pottery is one of the better-known Canadian potteries. Abingdon is a high-fired pottery much like Alamo and Gilmerusing a Norco dating clay body.


Letitia Landers published three volumes of Camark Pottery: Hagen-Renaker minis are often glued to a small card with the company name. Temperware was oven-to-freezer-to-table technology that allowed the splendid dinnerware patterns to withstand heat and cold.

Bauer pottery started production in Los Angeles, California in The Anthony signature mark was from Anthony Freeman, one of the company owners and a designer of production figurines.

Hall discontinued Autumn Leaf in and reissued a few items in and a few more at a later date. Gilmer produced art ware until aboutbut also produced sanitary or utilitarian ware for the plumbing trade.

Alamo and Gilmer often have a completely unglazed bottom, while Camark and Niloak may have just a dry foot. In pricing your Autumn Leaf service, you will find that value rests primarily in the serving pieces, not in the dinner plates, salad plates, butter plates, and cups and saucers.

Learn more about the Maddux history on the Maddux Pottery website.

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Abingdon Pottery Abingdon pottery made artware from about to in Abingdon, Illinois. The glaze sometimes makes it difficult to read the mark. Ecanada Art Pottery Ecanada art pottery operated in Hamilton, Canada, from until aboutmaking jasperware similar to Wedgwood.

Learn more about Cowan Pottery in Mark Bassett's book: Inthe E. See their recent pieces at the Louisville Stoneware website.