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If a rebuilder is unwilling to invest the effort and expense of restoring a piano properly, the overall result will reduce your fine piano to the level of a cheap imitation. For example, model 25 serial has stamped on the baffle identifying it was made on the st day of Unfortunately, there are a lot of piano tuners and technicians out there who do not believe that heirloom instruments deserve restoration and preservation.

The antique value of an heirloom instrument tends to increase over time, making restoration and preservation a wise investment. The result is a chemical reaction with the center pins and felts on the parts, causing Verdigris corrosion see picture.

While respecting differing opinions, those who prefer new pianos over restoration are simply not our customers, just as those who are passionate about having an antique instrument restored are not likely to go out and buy a new piano.

Others include the Europe Piano Atlas, and also the Musicians' Piano Atlas, for which I supplied amendments, and an appendix with action and key numbers, although that information has been updated and improved in this page.

In fact, the nature of the soft wood a soundboard is made of needs to be able to expand and retract with changes in heat and humidity. However, there are also those who love and cherish these heirloom instruments Laws of dating a minor in florida those who are passionate about restoring and preserving them for future generations.

Removable wooden parts of the case are often imprinted with a number, but this may only be the last 3 digits of serial numbers, which are usually long numbers, at least 5 digits.

We were honored to have met Mr. Access to qualified answers to your questions is easily available through forums and other online resources.

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The addition of the hexagonal shanks is another tremendous step in maintaining stability of the hammer angles with less shaft twisting. Wooden top bridges are sometimes imprinted too. These tiny but intensely complex motions, originating at the strings, are transmitted to the large body of air surrounding the front and back surfaces of the soundboard, thereby setting up powerful sound waves which immediately register on the eardrums of all within hearing.

Steinway currently offers 2 different American shank and flange configurations standard round maple shanks, and a new hexagonal maple shankand their standard wippen replacement. Generally speaking, modern Steinway grand pianos, dating from the 's and up, are the best candidates to use American Steinway factory replacement parts.

Thus, there persists a common notion that a crack in the wood must in some way cause a deterioration of the tonal output.

Yamaha Piano Serial Numbers (how old / what age is your Yamaha piano)

In the example, is the 48th week of In the seventies, I wrote to his successor Bob Pierce about this matter, giving specific proof of inaccuracies, but he did not act on the information. However, by examining those components as a group one can determine that the instrument was produced no earlier than the latest date indicated by its component parts.

William Braid White Note: The used piano business is not unlike the used car business. In general, the cheaper the piano, the lower the quality of the instrument.

As discussed in the article below, a crack in a soundboard is not detrimental to tone and is more cosmetic than anything.

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Please be patient as we are updating this page on a daily basis. Most of these lists end aroundso we imagine that they were collected at that time. Attention to detail is not something that can be done to a piano for a low price.

Occasionally, two are superimposed at right-angles, serving as an asterisk, to confirm that this is the serial number. Franco and Giovanni Skilan of Precision Piano Services have devoted their lifetimes to restoring the finest pianos in the world, especially vintage Steinway and Sons pianos, with an attention to detail and skill unrivaled in this field.

Thus, the soundboard of the piano acts just as does the parchment head of a drum or the thin steel diaphragm of the receiver element in a telephone. For many years, Steinway dipped their action parts in a paraffin oil to act as a preservative for the wood.

These bundled Affinity guitars are manufactured in Indonesia identified by skunk stripe on neck whereas stand-alone Affinity are manufactured in China identified by no skunk stripe on neck.

These websites are often Dating pianos by serial number from books which are incorrect, many of the date-ranges they give are very vague anyway, and they may expect you to PAY for Dating pianos by serial number misinformation, so why not make a donation to us instead?

Yamaha Pianos made 2010-2015

They use their experience to give discerning clients the finest looking and sounding pianos to enjoy for decades to come. Tubes Many tubes have a date code on them.

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Remember, too, the dangers for you, your children and pets, of crawling underneath a grand: The earliest guitars are not marked on the headstock as belonging to the Affinity series, but are easily identifiable by the decal stating "Strat" or "Tele" rather than the full name of the model.

How can be that an instrument that cost hundreds of dollars a century ago the cost of a small house be worthless today? Having said all that, case numbers are not necessarily the published serial numbers, which may be imprinted on the soundboard, or painted onto the iron frame.

The majority of Vintage Modified instruments are available only in right-handed configurations.