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Tina and Mike Chang are counselors at Asian Camp over the summer, and they fall for each other; Tina formally breaks off with Artie at the beginning of the second season, and she and Mike are still in love when the school year ends, the only relationship in the glee club to survive the entire school year, and the longest unbroken relationship between the members since the club was formed.

James Jonathan Groffthe lead singer of rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline, who ultimately betrays her in favor of his club.

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During the fourth season, Mike visits McKinley Dating on glee the Joffrey on four occasions: Tina breaks up with Mike over the summer after he graduates.

She makes brief appearances during seasons four, five and six.

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Terri Scheuster tries on several occasions to get Quinn to agree to give her the baby after it is born so that she can continue her deception that she is pregnant with her husband Will's baby.

What she intends is not to merely be in Beth's life, but to get full custody of her daughter. Quinn then gives an ultimatum: However, Marley dumps him at the end of the episode and little is shown of their development until nationals, when Ryder and Jake decide to help her go farther with her songwriting.

Men classify women into two types—the keeper and the throwback.

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But Kurt assures Blaine that he will support him, no matter what. Quinn subsequently receives a college acceptance letter from Yale.


Among the things said, Sue says that she should've seen it coming, because she was principal when he was bullying Kurt and she knew something was up.

In the third season, she is elected senior class president, defeating Kurt.

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Doubles as Enforced Method Actingas no one saw it coming except Naya Riveraand that was only after director Eric Stoltz told her to prior to filming the scene. As quarterback of the school's football team, and arguably one of the most popular students at McKinley, Finn risks alienation by his friends to join the glee club.

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Fairly common, depending on the writer. They are about to become fathers, with Rachel as their surrogate. Morris portrays Brittany as being "literally insane".

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Brittany lost her virginity at summer camp when an "alien" came into her tent. Mercedes is third wheel to Blaine and Kurt. Can I talk to you for a second? Santana delivers a nasty one to Finn in "Mash Off": Did you ever find yourself asking what type of women men want to marry?

Quinn is furious with Finn, and Finn is already mad about seeing Quinn with Sam.

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Blaine later moves in Dating on glee Kurt. Glee's executive producer Brad Falchuk responded that while he understood the concern and frustration of disability advocates, McHale had the singing and acting ability, talent and charisma required for the role.

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He also joins the football team as a kicker, with Finn's help, and the cheerleading squad as a singer, though he ultimately quits both.