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Although you can certainly buy modern clothing that was made in Mexico, vintage clothing made in Mexico is most likely from the s.

Vintage Clothing Label: LOT NUMBERS

Secondly, the production country of a modern garment is typically found behind the tag — not frontside, as seen here on this s Jeanne Marc label. One thing I do know is that as I examined this photograph I felt a connection to real people behaving in much the same way we might whilst waiting for an event that happened almost years ago.

They rather identify when the RN number was first issued for the company to use. And this point helps us to date a photograph as the early part of the twentieth century. Sam Davis, are you out there? All of these methods measure the amount of electrons that get absorbed and trapped inside a rock or tooth over time.

Pre if the made-from-wool garment has no label identifying it as wool. Vintage junior sizing was invented not as a sizing system for teenagers traditionally seen today but rather petite ladies!

Vintage Clothing Label: MY NAME!

Look for vintage names Orlon, Acrilan, Zeran and Creslan. I assume the outsourcing of clothing to more countries abroad had something to do with it!

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The Kelly's Commander was Lord Louis Mountbatten and every Armistice day he came to Hebburn to take part in the march up to the Kelly grave in our cemetery. My technique of using the costume as the main point of reference, may help you to date your own picture to within 5 years.

Cloches existed in many forms including one with a beret like top.

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No one can remember the properties to the left with fence leading up to it, but an Aluminium manufacturer had that land then The Bauxite Company. Wouldn't it be wonderful if one of those small children were alive today and able to tell us about that special day trip they had.

Clerical Figure shown right. Odd sizing became more standard for pre-teen and teenage women of modern day — remember the store ? The sleeves with soft fullness at the head and the fitted silhouette suggest late Victorian styling.

It's a wonderful picture and I am showing it here to enable you readers to see how to analyse your own picture.

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The Woolmark logo was first placed on the tags of wool clothing in as a marketing technique to encourage consumers to buy the natural fiber of wool over synthetics polyester and acrylic.

A closer look at the photograph also reveals that standing at the far left hand side is a man ina clerical collar, possibly the Church Minister.

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I think that there are too many garments with slightly puffed head sleeves for this to be as late as To do this can be something of a tall order, because a photograph such as this might take several days of thinking time.

Thermo-luminescence, Optically stimulated luminescence, and Electron spin resonance. The boys with bicycles in the left hand side background are wearing Eton style school-uniform jackets, and collars often featured in books circa I'd say the photograph was taken in Spring as they all wear coats, but also fashionable Spring-like hats, which could be Easter Bonnets for Mothering Sunday.

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Pres and no older than s. Norman's Good credit score dating site to my Dating the Photograph Deduction In response to this analysis, Norman wrote back and told me he thought it a great deduction.

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The silhouette back of the coat in circle 9 shown right, is very straight indicating no swing-back sway, which was created by the S-bend style of The lady in the picture wears a hat which is combination of all these I've drawn. Today, Manhattan New York has more than 40 different zip codes.

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RN numbers were first used in and listed from first number to last number. It and the Priests house in front of it were extended after WW1 so are still there, but looking different. Another source of clues are the hats, examine their width, height and snugness of fit.