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November 11, April 20, Condor, an ostrich previously captured by Team 7, remembers being caught with three other animals by Kotetsu, Rock Lee, Naruto and Shino in the "Ground 0" of the Forest of Death, which became a prohibited nature reserve. Prior to this, he was an Anbu from Root. There, he was raised and conditioned to have no personality, personal connections, or a name; "Sai" being given to him for the purposes of joining Team Kakashi.

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The Raikage orders her to form a Surprise Attack Division then split the rest of the forces into multiple divisions and get them in formation. Samui is then caught off guard by Ginkaku and restrained. The Konoha ninjas are finally able to overwhelm the animals.

He later appeared to show genuine anger while explaining to Sakura about Naruto's feelings for her and later when she lied to Naruto about the predicament with Sasuke and trying to use a fake confession to get him to give up on Sasuke.

Condor then runs away, whilst pursued by Rock Lee who is attacked by a kangaroo boxer.

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Condor then turns back and attacks Naruto and Kotetsu using Taijutsu. This causes him to break out of his emotionless shell and start to remember the times he had with his own "brother", Shin. She wears a very low-cut outfit which displays her sizeable cleavage, with mesh armour underneath, a short skirt and red hand guards, high boots, and what appears to be a modified Kumogakure flak jacket that Dating naruto her stomach only, similar to a girdle.

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She can give you oral, some anal, or just hot sex! Naruto gets a special treat from his adorable Hinata. The greatest change in his personality, however, came after he encounters his reincarnated brother.

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The three are attacked by a group of White Zetsu, and Samui tries to stop Atsui from Danville dating, as she still had more to explain about the legendary weapons.

She explains that they've been hit with a combination curse and sealing technique, and that their word souls have been taken hostage. Team Samui in Konoha's Archive Library.

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After spending more time with Team Kakashi, Sai comes to appreciate bonds, particularly the bond that exists between Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, though Sai would come to have his doubts about Sasuke when he began to commit crimes on an international scale, which Naruto would suffer for.

While Omoi believed that Karui had caused it Dating naruto means of an avalanche after she had almost hit him with a thrown rock earlier, Samui ordered the team to find someone and ask them what had happened. As Naruto requested to see the Raikage, Samui remembered Naruto as the ninja the villagers thought should be the Hokage, but she refused him since the Kage Summit was taking place and he was an unknown.

Though largely successful in this regard, Sai retained an interest in art.