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If the cast-in fork at the back of the headstock puzzles you, this was used to carry an extra changewheel to provide a reversal of the leadscrew drive and so cut left-hand threads. With its belt driven headstock spindle, it goes back to a time when factories machines were powered by means of suspended leather belts driven by a line shaft that ran overhead or in the floor.

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The 9" Model C dating from a design is probably the definitive South Bend lathe. Also included are a spur driver, a clear plastic center finder and a metal tightening wrench.

A comparison of these models, and their drive systems, makes for interesting reading. No part of this web site, including the text, photos or illustrations, may be reproduced or transmitted in any other form or by any means electronic, photocopying, recording or otherwise for commercial use without the prior written permission of The Joe Martin Foundation.

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Each is positioned by loosening a large brass thumbscrew under the bed, although one thumbscrew has been lost and replaced by a bolt on this particular machine. The 3-position flat belt drive pulley has indexing holes drilled in the back. The Dating myford lathes configurations are shown in the cover photo.

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There is about 2" of travel and an adjustable stop. The final, most effective version of the ML. Leavitt-Dexter was purchased by Quabbin Inc.

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This example has a 3" 3-jaw chuck. Stands, from the examples that have passed through the writers hands, appear to have been built in at least three different heights.

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Though quite simple in construction, it would actually be a fairly good introduction to power tools for a young craftsman. To connect the gears in pairs for a compound train each gear carried a pin and a pin hole.

Though similar to the Dunlap model above, the lathe was restyled in to have a more modern, more rounded appearance with an engine turned plate on the back gear cover. Redesigned, the tailstock was fitted with a guidance similar to that of the saddle - but the old-fashioned solid barrel retained.

The tailstock spindle is also locked in a similar manner.

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Staveley Industries, who had used capital acquired during the s as compensation for the post WW2 nationalisation program to buy a range of British machine-tool companies, acquired control of Asquiths in Byin a rationalisation of production, the tumble reverse and larger spindle appear to have become part of the ordinary specification.

The 3" swing over the bed is larger than the ManSon, although it uses the same carriage assembly but with a taller tool post.

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The machine is made from a combination of machined bar stock parts and castings for which Al made the wooden patterns himself and had cast by a local foundry. The latter was neatly fitted to the slotted bracket on the headstock front that normally carried a stud to mount the extra changewheel required for left-hand screwcutting; when the tumble reverse unit became available on the B.

The publication contained an official Machine Tool Control Price List and repeated the news that, for the duration, of the war the basic ML. To keep costs down, the basic lathe is available with or without a motor.