Chinese SKS Type 56 ID FAQ Chinese SKS Type 56 ID FAQ

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There is really no hard evidence pointing one way or the other, though I would lean towards major disruptions in Chinese Type 56 production as the Sino-Soviet split was entering full swing and China could no longer rely on easily getting barreled receivers supplied from the USSR.

Other factories

They were manufactured at the Cugir plant in Romania from the late 50's into the early 60's. There is alot more information yet to be gathered.

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This is a vintage Romanian SKS. The stocks on these carbines appear to have a somewhat different wood type than was used in Russian SKS 45s.

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There is one thing I have learnt Uranium dating limitations the Chinese SKS is to never to say never because anything is possible, there are plenty of anomalies.

Most of the special purpose guns such as the AK magazine accepting ones, were obviously new manufacture as described in the list above.

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Early to mid I bet Mao never imagined the factory he once toured would one day be producing consumer products that are shipped around the world, would be Dating my sks partnership with a Japanese corporation, no longer wholely owned by the state and listed on a stock exchange.

The same thing was also found in the Russian SKS's.

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If someone else knows more about these I will post it, so let me know. Prior to the arrival of the SKS inJianshe was producing bolt action rifles.

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It had little time to rebuild when they were drawn into another war the following year. If there was ever a major war that the Chinese SKS was recognized to have played a significant supporting role, this would be the war.

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This may not be as far fetched as it seems since we know the Chinese are thought to have produced more thanT53s intheir second year of production and a whoppingT53 carbines inonly their third year of T53 production!!

Some rifles have no identifying characters, but Russian, Chinese and Korean rifles may.

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The following codes are some of the factory codes. SKSS, new production, The spirit of cooperation between the two Communist superpowers didn't last, it ended a few years later in Romanian SKS's are referred to as a Model The SKS-D is a distant second.

Look at an Albanian rifle's serial number. Clayco M8 marked guns, new production on scrubbed receivers? The present, girl sitting on ATV built in Jianshe.