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Well, when you are looking for Mr.

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What tax hit do I face if I invest with you? Going through life changes, such as marriage, divorce, buying or selling property, the death of a parent, or getting a major inheritance are all situations where a financial advisor can be beneficial.

While there are specialists who only focus on matters of retirement or insurance, you should find a firm that can help you fit all of your needs.

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Read more Dating my financial advisor how robo-advisors work. For example, the advisor says: If an advisor makes you feel dumb, walk away. Right, you spend a lot of time creating online profiles on dating websites and apps.

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In the video below, I explain that first, just like when you are looking for love, you need to find good options. If you think exploring a relationship with a human financial advisor is the right move for you, be sure to ask these 10 questions during the interview process.

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Who are your typical clients? But ask you must. How do you get paid? Head for the exit.

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Alternatively, a low-cost digital advisor, aka robo-advisor, might make sense for you. Target the right specialist You have to know what you want.

And, you spend many precious hours searching, swiping left and right, and pouring over the information and photos posted by people who pique your interest. Just remember that when you are looking for a financial advisor online, you need to make sure you are taking the time to examine their profile carefully just like you would if you were on Match.

Your portfolio should include domestic and international stocks, and small- mid- and large-cap companies.

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How will our relationship work? Who is your custodian? Find an advisor who is used to a situation like yours and able to help you meet your goals.

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In the video, I go into more detail about each of these online resources and why they are helpful. Then make sure the planner Fish 4 you dating with your needs.

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In the next video in the series, I discuss how you can find the right financial advisor for you and your current financial state. It should not be any different when you want to find the perfect financial advisor for your hard earned money.

What services are included? Fees can decimate your savings.

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Focusing on the idea of interviews might help you feel more confident, he adds. In the video I give you examples of the questions you should be asking your potential match. When looking for a financial advisor a great place to start is by getting recommendations from people in your network — friends, family, and co-workers.

One stop shopping is important here because someone other than you needs a clear idea of the big picture, although bigger firms might use a team of specialists to help you.

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What you want to know is: Just like when you are dating, you should make it known upfront that you are exploring a few different options. Define your needs beforehand so you can find the perfect person to provide you with the exact help you're looking for.

What investment benchmarks do you use? Before you commit to an advisor, though, make sure you understand the associated costs, because hidden fees can pile up. Digital financial advisors, commonly called robo-advisors, are computer-based services that help you choose and manage investments for a fraction of the cost and also offer varying degrees of access to human advisors.