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The sound projection in the open air, at the beach, is a far cry above many other guitars.

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How many beginning players had a sunburst Stella by Harmony to learn on? It was generally felt that they let it happen.

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They were not all that well received. The external battery box and battery check are a handy feature.

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Stop by the Budweiser Country Club for games, photo opps, custom leather koozies, flash tatts, surprise meet and greets and more! Some ebay sellers are known for Harmony parts.

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Many had 3 pickups along with 6 volume and tone controls. Improvements over the original CTP-1 include a mute button and a faster warm up time that is quieter with no volume swell. But how much can you handle?

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By getting Players like Roy Smeck to endorse their instruments some of these instruments were made to cater to the more serious musician. Q - I have a Harmony Rocket that is labeled as a H In the brand was finally changed to C.

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Models, pictures and other information. The different models, by the late 60's, were as diverse as the kinds of people there were to play them.

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There is nothing better than a strong community. Simply press the tuner switch to activate it, sound each string in turn, tune to concert pitch and then start playing!

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A restored version of Mammy, which includes Jolson in some Technicolor sequences, was first screened in Stop by to win prizes and enjoy a VIP experience. They also used bar frets until and probably on some ukes a few more years after which they used "T" frets.

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