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Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic: Called 'redlines,' Levi Strauss began manufacturing s in the 19th century, and every pair up until will have a selvage edge.

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In the s, s, and s many people began spending their spare time at the movies, where popular Western films found glamour and romance in the adventures of the cowboys who rode horses, shot bad guys, and wore blue jeans. During the s this began to change as famous fashion designers created designer jeans, which were expensive and became fashionable wear for many occasions.

Those who wished to imitate the casual, rugged look of the cowboys they saw in films began to wear jeans as casual wear. Dark denim is worth more than a faded denim A big 'E' on the Levis' tab is more valuable than a little 'e' Selvage edges on a jean's inside cuff is also a high-value indicator A leather patch is worth more than a paper patch on the back of the jeans Collectors also look for concealed copper rivets Sizing is important - a inch waist will garner more interest than a inch waist 'People want to collect the size that they actually wear,' explains the website.

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During World War II —45 blue jeans became part of the official uniform of the Navy and Coast Guard, and became even more popular when worn as off-duty leisure clothing by many other soldiers. In Levi's introduced concealed rivets, known as 'double X,' where they are only visible inside the seat pictured ; inthe rivets were reconfigured to be seen on the back pockets Well patched: Blue Jeans - Fashion, Costume, and Culture: Together, Davis and Strauss began to make what they called "waist overalls" out of sturdy denim fabric with copper rivets.

For the baby boomers it Dating levis jeans Marlon Brando and James Dean during the Fifties that established blue jeans as the ultimate uniform. I See by Your Outfit: During the s many young people began to wear jeans when they saw them on rebellious young American film stars such as Marlon Brando Dating levis jeans and James Dean — Strauss was selling tent fabric, work clothes, and other supplies to miners when he was approached in by Davis, a tailor who had developed the idea of making work clothes stronger by putting copper rivets, or fasteners, at certain points, like pockets, Is 50 cent and ciara dating were likely to tear.

Jeans became so popular among cowboys that during the s, a company called Wrangler formed just to make denim work clothing for those who rode the range.


Blue jeans moved from work clothes to the preferred pants of rebellious young men during the s and s to high fashion items. Jeans had become extremely popular, but were still mainly worn by working people or the young.

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In a pair of Levis dating from the s and found buried under layers of mud in Nevada was sold at auction for over forty-five thousand dollars. By the end of the twentieth century, blue jeans had become one of the most widely worn items of clothing in the world.

By the end of the twentieth century, a comfortable pair of jeans had become a necessity in the casual wardrobe of both men and women.

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Selvage edges on a jean's inside cuff leftinstead of a stitched edge right is also a value indicator; every pair of Levi's up until will have a selvage edge Double X: Though they are bought, sold, and worn in almost every country in the world, blue jeans are still regarded as a fundamentally American garment.

According to San Francisco-based Denim Traderswhich has specialized in vintage Levi's for two decades, there are several factors which determine the value vintage Levi's.

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Blue jeans were so identified with American culture that they were placed in the American exhibit at the World's Fair.